Apartment in Moscow: what area to choose?

In all the large towns there is always area, which is considered prestigious. In general, as well as dysfunctional area, do not have a developed infrastructure and the availability of comfortable buildings. In Moscow has historically been considered the most prestigious CAO; DECENT areas discriminating buyers, South-west and CAO. The working areas of the usual number of SEAD and HLW. But does this mean that to buy an apartment in Moscow preferably exclusively in its central part?

At that targeted buyers?

According to statistics professionals, prospective buyers when looking for apartments in the capital prefer to rely on their own idea or a given area, rather than the usually well-established properties. Most of the clients of real estate agencies choose a social atmosphere that is very similar to normal.

When choosing an area realtors, first, it is advised to place their own values. Someone is interested only in the base of elite apartments with panoramic views from the windows, closed to within other residential complexes. Initially concerned about the presence of someone near the greenish zone or a comfortable traffic interchange. Almost all of the decision to purchase a particular object depends on the age, household status and social status of the future owner.

But realtors warn that personal attachment to a particular apartment area of the town is too much. There are instances when people want to buy an apartment in a state of not practical for a living, but in the center of Moscow. In addition, we should not ignore the fact that for many when moving to the latest flat principled proximity to the area where relatives live, even if he is not considered prestigious.

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