Archaeologists have found a thousand-year Mayan sarcophagus


Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Mayan sarcophagus, reports AFP. Age finds is about 1000 years old.




The object was discovered near the Guatemalan border in an ancient Maya city of Tonina. The dating of the tombs allowed to establish that it was manufactured in the years 840-900 AD. In the sarcophagus were discovered remains of a woman allegedly held a high position in life.

Scientists hope the new data will reveal the reasons for the decline of the Mayan civilization. In particular, it is a hypothesis conquest of this nation neighbors — Toltecs, who came to the region in the XV century.

The theory of conquest is not the only theory of the disappearance of the Maya. For example, some scientists believe that the cause of extinction of the Indians began to climate change caused by human activities.

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