Archaeologists have unearthed a round house age 11,000 years


British scientists have discovered the remains of a house that was built for at least 11,000 years ago, according to TV channel News One.

My house — my fortress, the English say, and scientists are looking tirelessly roots of this proverb. So archaeologists from the universities of York and Manchester have found the remains of the oldest dwelling house in the UK. According to experts, the house on the shore of an ancient lake near the present Scarborough that the north-east of England, built at least 11,000 years ago, nomadic tribes of hunters.

Found shelter, which had, apparently, quite an unusual appearance, for five thousand years older than the famous symbol of Britain — Stonehenge megalithic. According to archaeologists, it built back in the days when Britain was part of continental Europe.

According to working on the excavation expedition of two universities open their round building was built in about 8500 BC. We already know that a round wooden structure has a diameter of about 3.5 meters and a roof of dried reeds.

According to historians, the place where they found the building, over 200-500 years there was a settlement, in which probably were other houses. Evidence of this, found a water trough. It is made of wood, which preserved the remains of the bark, and a wooden platform that is likely to serve the marina. It is these findings may be the earliest evidence of Joiner's business in Europe.

By the way, at the site and found artifacts like arrowheads, fragments oars and ram skull, showing the way of life of the inhabitants of the ancient English at home.

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