Arrived at the port of East Azimuth tug, built for JSC East Port


New Azimuth tug "Kuzbass", built by the Chinese company Damen Shipyards for naval port stevedoring company of "East Port" arrived at the port of East (Primorye) September 4, 2012. The ship was the fifth in the harbor tug fleet. The press-service of JSC "East Port."

The ship made port in Shanghai of China (PRC), the crew of the port fleet of "East Port", and then, in four and a half days, tug came under its own power to the home port — Port East.

Tug "Kuzbass", named after one of the largest coal-producing regions of Russia, was built at the shipyard of Damen Shipyards Changde (China production site of one of the world's leading shipbuilders — the company Damen). Length of the tow up to 28.67 m, width — 10.43 m, maximum draft — 4.9 m, depth — 4.6 meters total capacity of the two main engines of Caterpillar — 4200 horsepower. Management of the vessel by means of two rotary speaker azimuth, which provide the direction of movement of the vessel at 360 degrees. Thrust at the hook — 48 tons thrust reversing — 44.2 tons, the speed to 12.7 knots. The vessel is equipped with a towing winch bow necessary for mooring operations. Provides fire pump capacity of 600 cubic meters per hour and foam system, which will attract tug and to extinguish fires in the port.

Upon arrival at the East Port divers inspected the ship. Provides for testing of the new tug for compliance with Russian sanitary norms, expertise on noise and illumination. Is currently under design tug at the customs post of the East, after which the ship will obtain the necessary documents and licenses. It is planned that the lift will begin in early November 2012.

Of "East Port" — the largest stevedoring company in Russia, which specializes in the transshipment of coal delivered by rail from the Kuzbass.

The structure of "East Port" consists of two complexes. The first — a specialized coal complex system of conveyor equipment and station wagon unloading. The level of automation here reaches almost 98.9%. Transshipment capacity of 14.6 million tons per year. Second — Universal Handling Complex, specializes in the transshipment of coal gripper. Capacity of the complex is 3 million tons per year.

Net port fleet of "East Port" consists of four tugs and tug newcomer azimuth able to berth vessels with deadweight of 150 thousand tons.

In 2011, the turnover of "East Port" amounted to 16 million 498.2 thousand tons.

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