As I crossed the Arctic Circle

I had to somehow go on a service trip to Kilp-Yavr. Kilp-Yavr a military garrison near Murmansk. We have, in the southern areas already being hosted spring, although the snow lay still abound. In consequence of this event was played with me "evil" joke.

I was told to fly with my colleague and senior fellow Vasily F.. I must say I was very happy sudden trip, even more so with such a man as a sociable Bob. The anticipation of the impending visit of the order of the bored closed military town, a little spoiled weather that caused us 5 days did not give permission to take off. Yeah well, bags collected all the documents are ready, travel is "drip" (nachfin has promoted). And that phone call, the time scheduled, meet at the airport.

I must say that before I had to fly at all, even though he served in the Air. I'm worried, Vaska calm, which he — "the old wolf."

Approached by someone from the crew.

-Well, that man from Georgia.

We Vasya gingerly sat on the wood seats along the side. Roared the engines, taxiing to the band went acceleration .. Damn, by what-reason could not take off, taxiing out again. Take off the board smoothly began to climb. I try not to look in the windows, twitch, and generally give their excitement. We fly around the cockpit there is another two passengers in the aircraft technical form, however, they who sit at a table, chairs on Myagenko a la "Aeroflot USSR."

One of them immediately offered a seat at the table for them.

-Guys, come to us, then you are there yutites on these benches?
-No question ..
-Let's get acquainted, Serge E. I, my brother is in your garrison, Colonel Ye heard?
-Of course we know, and you're in what rank?
-We, too, "ensign", a mission we fly, "lockable" pass.
-Got it, it's Serge, our mechanic.
-Nice to meet.
-Then .. can of familiarity, we have "Massandra" is.
-Welcome, we also do not like the "empty" fly ..

On the table is a plastic "poltorashka Massandra", such as Vaska in the bag. Fetched, some canned food, biscuits, — rations, in short. What is the "Massandra" everyone knows who has anything to do with aviation, the rest will explain, without going into technology, which is diluted with alcohol.

I am in the company's youngest and inexperienced, so the conversation does not climb.

Exclusively in the breaks between lifts Soldiers mugs pushes forward our starters, which is constantly moving out on the table in our direction. Bob at this time is "secular" conversation imposingly lounging in a chair. I already have thought, "Do I have all of two hours with excessive look for a snack?" Here Serge E. leaned over the table and yelled through the roar of the "engines": "There is nothing at the moment the train shall find, everything will be okay."

Indeed, the height gained, and biscuits with canned food "calmed down".

During the conversation I confess that the first time I fly an airplane, and was never in Murmansk. My older friends noticeably revived, "So you're the polar circle never crossed?

— No. ..
-And you know the law?
-What is it?
-For this you need drink glass full.
-Yes you cho man, I do not drink..
-And no one is worried.
-Okay, I'll try.
-So look, at the time of passage of Arkhangelsk, later will go over the sea, as will land, everything — the Kola Peninsula, you can drink.
-Got it.

Co-driver of the cab came, he went to the toilet. Served as a toilet bucket, standing in the rear fuselage at the loading ramp. By the way, there is a rule, who went last, and he later makes, because at the end of the flight all sit, suffer.

-The navigator, Arkhangelsk soon?
-On approaching ..
-No headache
-There are slightly
-One hundred grams you?
-No man, thank you.
-A commander?
-I will suggest to him, if anything, will come.

And in the ports, through the haze can already discern the silhouettes of my regional center.

-Everyone get ready and glanced out the window as the sea-flight drink full.
-Got it.

Proparhali over the sea dry land appeared, although not particularly make out all along the ground is white.
Soldiers poured a mug (330 gr.) He got up, took courage, exhaled sharply, drunk!

Immediately "cheered," but I think to myself: "It is not shut down completely, and then disgraced the whole world."

Biting as he could fly on. What the hell? Sea along the ground again!

My grief-nastavnichki "zagaldeli" vie "at that time does not count," "maybe it was a block of ice", "where are you watching?" In short, decided that that time does not count. And to me that something brakes do not work, I have a "hero"!

Enjoying everything down, not zapamyatyvaya continue to raise our glasses and say the army not long toasts.

Here again land. Well, exactly, it is!

-Come Leh will suffer Cossack ..

Drunk .. Sharply not "covered" as in past times, on the contrary, I feel that is sort of hops and does not take, but I can not drink more, gurgles in the larynx. Sit — we fly .. Men already in all arguing about something, poison fishing stories, etc. I'm like an owl, just clap eyes.

And, along the ground seemed to sea again! It can not be some kind of devilry!

Bob: "Lech, in the past once again considered .."
Me: "Fuck you!"

Before planting, Bob turned to me and, frowning, thinking it is clear that it will give his face a serious look and said: "Lech, you do not drink, we still have to hand over the goods"

Well, well, I'm so with you all the way drunk — not behind, and even at your mercy, but by his own stupidity, top two clubs hvatanul, so do I need? You had better Bob looked like you would for me to discover it was not necessary to carry on the airfield.

And when the plane started to take flight engineer Sergei offered to show me a local landmark in the form of a tail sticking out of the lake crashed while landing the aircraft. Thanks Serge, very reassuring sight.

Landed. The cargo safely passed, and on the same day caught the train from Murmansk, who was walking every day or four (thanks to our pilot, which offered us a ride, even though we have no special hunting day or four live in the same garrison as ours, but still strange).
It has been 10 years, and to this day wonder, "How did the human body are taken to fight the forces of such adversity?" In fact, after such libations (to train us in addition to all the beer drinking until 3 o'clock in the morning), it could be over very not good examples — the sea! So you can begin to pray for health, and for the peace of finish ..

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