As I have served in the U.S. Army

Of indiscriminate terror of bullying leads young people to "cut" from the army all the probable methods. The pattern is different in the U.S. Armed Forces. On the service in the U.S. Army knows ordinary Russian boy Grisha.

"In 1990, I went with her mother to the United States, there was a refugee status, then" green card "(residence permit in America: you are not yet a citizen, but institutionalized inmate.. — Ed.) … Come back here in 94 -m, joined the journalism faculty of Moscow State University … A couple of years back went to America, where he signed a contract with the Army for 4 years. In the criteria was discussed that I promised the school assault, which is not easy to get into. To serve in the U.S. armed forces in the most ordinary, you must have either a work permit or a "green card."

In America, I went through all uchebki eight weeks in quarantine, where you learn to march in formation, shouting "hurray" and bayonet any Russian "Ivanov" with reddish stars. (On the shooting range as targets set greenbacks silhouettes with little red stars, the Americans call them "Ivens" — Ivana.) At this point, the Yankees number one enemy — the Arabs. But to change the "Ivan" to "Abdullah" has not yet had time. Then begins Prof. study.

Bullying, as in Russia, the U.S. Army is not. There is a concept «Seniority» (literally: "superiority in rank".. — Ed.). There's too much serious about grades. Offender loses title, do not get larger. Sgt. has no right to bring any familiarity with the junior in rank, are not allowed to drink beer with their respective subordinates. Punished for fighting "ruble". I, for example, fought three times, and each time I've had one shot title and about $ 1,000 fine. Plus shtrafraboty: first 14 days later on 45 twice. At this time, you have no right to go anywhere beyond the military unit, and at 18.00, after an evening of building, when all go home, you stamp into the headquarters, you take it any paint or mop and you plow to 23.00, and on the subsequent morning, at 5:30, you should be on charge. So think 10 times before the hand to dissolve.

South American fighters get good facilities. In ordinary salary $ 1,160 per month. The average rank and salary raise approximately every six months, the first few years. Later, you have to earn tips on commission, to learn about their own profession and about yourself, where are looking at your awards and later send you to the academy sergeants. I graduated with the rank of sergeant and the last two months has received $ 2,900 plus free insurance, food, housing. I could fly to all the places where flying South American warplanes could get petrol for half the price, do not pay taxes, have a lot of discounts … Well, wages constantly indexed and by 5-6% per year increase. Can live. Besides army Pays 75% for education, if you learn while serving. After the army can be taught in any institution or institute of America and the free receive another $ 850 each month for housing. If you choose a difficult profession — infantry or artillery, where nobody wants to go — you can bribe: to give $ 50,000 in cash and $ 100,000 for education.

During the service I was in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Honduras, Colombia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Pakistan, Tajikistan … In Mozambique, Angola was at war and revolution, and we drove to maintain a certain … (jams). There are things that I can not read, because I was giving a subscription to disclose for four years … In some places, we have supported the Reddish Cross, in some places led war in Yugoslavia and Pakistan.

To me, a native of the Russian Federation, Americans were treated differently. Young people did not care, and one sergeant first class, held in Vietnam, he behaved very biased. But at one point, took me aside and said I was sorry, but it still can not provide for themselves, that it is the people of Russia. Because for him all his life adversary room one was a Russian Soyuz. "

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