As I was on the lesson of history of Ukraine in the Kiev Institute of Communication

This year I went to the Kiev Institute of Communications. I have already graduated, working in the monetary sphere, but here there was a desire to continue their education and learn how to create something with their own hands. This proverb, parable ahead.

Almost at first this week started the installation session, and There is there as a general subjects History of Ukraine. Before you go on a couple of little I hesitated for quite heard a lot about the teaching of the subject in modern history Ukraine, but would like to hear all of our ears. Frankly, to my chagrin majestic, I was not disappointed.

He teaches this subject in relation to the young man of about 40. First, where he began his occupation — is said that earlier in the USSR, as it turns out, the "real" story Ukraine neither read nor teach it was impossible. And only now, thanks to the independence, we can finally free to draw from the source of "knowledge" is not biased and does not distorted story of your own country. He further outlined the various legends of the IV Stalin, the KGB, the dreaded dark craters and censorship when people were taken only for reading stories Hrushevskoho either toast of "free" Ukraine. In the example set, and I quote: "apolitical government United States of America, "supposedly not interested in politics, citizens are highly educated and out of politics. Continued on Lofty Russian war and the Russian war of 1812, they say there is no need to celebrate World War II Victory day, because we do not celebrate Russian 1812 for it was war not of the Ukrainian people, the objections that and Ukraine, as a country in that period of history was not, in principle, because read about Ukrainians as a separate civilizations do not have to make an objection to it was nothing, but found the answer, they say, the people that lived at that time in the area of today's country Ukraine, led war, in the main, on the side of the French army. And after will not be the last Russian participants Lofty "we" finally come to, to diversify refer to Victory in this war.

Paced, this turnover is not the language to say "teacher", and the baptism of Russia, the Orthodox faith, in the context of what ought to Vladimir majestically to take the Catholic faith to their own people, then we would vsepolnotsenno joined the family of European nations.

In a word, for 1 hour and 20 minutes later I visited a variety of emotions, from bewilderment first class, into a frenzy at the end. The exciting thing that he carried this nonsense extramural, ie in the majority of adults who own quite a hardened gaze, but resent and negotiate this nonsense was just me. After visiting this "lesson" is bitter and sad at heart, because He and others like him actually every day poison the minds of our children.

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