As part of the flight test program on the Su-35 made more than 300 flights

Testing the most advanced Russian Su-35 fighters confirmed by all the inherent characteristics of the designers in them and even surpass them, according to the press service of the company "Sukhoi". As part of the flight test program on the Su-35 made more than 300 flights.


According to the press service of the company "Sukhoi" Su-35-1/2 presented in the 929 th State Flight Test Center (glycerol) on the state joint tests (ICG), and August 15, embarked on a concerted program.
At the same time it is plugged in and the first production Su-35S-1.

The Su-35-1/2 carried out preliminary flight tests, during which they fully confirmed the basic set performance characteristics (LTH) of the complex on-board equipment and the characteristics of super maneuverability, tested stability and controllability characteristics, the characteristics of the power plant, the work of the navigation system.

Reached a maximum speed of Su-35 near the ground is 1,400 km, at height — 2,400 km / h, Ceiling — 18 thousand m. Detection range of targets in the "air-to-air" of the Su-35 exceeds 400 km. This is significantly more than in the front-line aircraft, the press service of "Sukhoi". OLS board allows to detect and track multiple targets at ranges in excess 80 km. The complex is ready to undergo tests for combat use.

Analysis of the amount of work performed can already be concluded that Su-35/Su-35S has a much better flight characteristics compared with standing armed vehicles analogs, and established a complex on-board equipment allows solving a wider range of tasks, some tactical and technical task. Potential inherent in the airplane characteristics are superior over all tactical fighters generation 4 and 4 + (type "Rafale" and EF-2000, upgraded fighter F-15, F-16, F-18 and "Mirage-2000"), and to counter aircraft F-22A, as well as tactical fighter F-35A.

In the development and testing of the Su-35 is used as a technological advance that is implemented in the project promising fifth generation aviation complex (PAK FA), which will allow a lower cost and in a shorter time to complete its development and to adopt the Russian Air Force.

Su-35 — profoundly modernized super-maneuverable multi-role fighter of "4 + +". It uses fifth-generation technologies that provide superior to peers. The distinctive features of the aircraft are new avionics suite based on digital information control system integrating avionics systems, new radar station (radar) with a phased array with long-range detection of air targets, with an increased number of simultaneously tracked and engaged targets (30 escort and attack 8 air targets, as well as support for 4 and 2 attack ground targets), new engines with increased thrust and turning thrust vector.

The Su-35 has a broad range of weapons of large, medium and small range. Able to carry guided air attack (TSA) anti-radar, anti-ship, utility, guided aerial bombs (KAB) and uncontrolled TSA. Fighter's radar signature compared to the fourth generation of aircraft reduced several times by a conductive coating canopy, applying radar-absorbing coatings and reduced the number of protruding sensors. Service Life — 6 thousand flight hours, service life — 30 years, assigned resource engines with controlled nozzle — 4 thousand hours.

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