As part of the Sea Launch in orbit communication satellite Eutelsat-70B

Carrier rocket "Zenit-3SL", launched in 00.44 MSKfrom a floating launch platform "Odyssey" (Odyssey) from the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean as part of the "Sea Launch" (Sea Launch), put into orbit the European communications satellite "Eutelsat-70B" (Eutelsat-70B), told RIA Novosti the PKK " Energy ".

"Fixed separation of the spacecraft from the upper stage DM-SL. Thus, the task of deducing the European satellite program" Sea Launch "accomplished" — said the official.

Eutelsat-70B will replace Eutelsat-70A satellite at the orbital position 70.50 east longitude. The new satellite, which has more room for data transmission in Ku-band, will be used to support a wide range of professional applications, including government services, broadband access, GSM communications and video broadcasting in Europe, Africa, Central and South-East Asia.

Eutelsat-70B is equipped with 48 Ku-band transponders. The satellite is manufactured by Astrium on the platform Eurostar E-3000. The service life of the spacecraft must be over 15 years old.

International Consortium "Sea Launch" was created in 1995. After the reorganization in 2010, the headquarters — Apartment Company is located in Bern (Switzerland).

The company Sea Launch AG provides the community with communication satellite operators launch services using the launch pad at the base of the carrier rocket "Zenit". In particular, it offers a complete range of launch services, including ensuring compliance schedule starting, financing, risk optimization, the decision of insurance issues and provision of productive contractual solutions to meet the changing needs of the market for commercial launches.

Thus, in 2012, the program "Sea Launch" has already made three successful launches of carrier rockets, "Zenit-3SL".

Those who claim to inefficiency "Sea Launch", we replied with four successful launches and a half years

The general director of the international consortium "Sea Launch" Sergei Gugkaev told "Interfax" that is now the company, as well as its achievements and plans

Moscow. October 18. INTERFAX.RU — International Consortium "Sea Launch" (Sea Launch) was established in 1995. When completed in 2010 the reorganization of the company, whose headquarters is located in Bern (Switzerland), made four successful launches of carrier rockets, "Zenit-3SL". That is now the company Sea Launch AG, its achievements and plans, told "Interfax-AVN" CEO Sergei Gugkaev.

— Sergey, this is — the first interview, which gives the head of the Sea Launch AG for the Russian media after the completion of the reorganization of Sea Launch. In Russia quite closely monitoring the activities of the "Sea Launch". What changed after the reorganization? — Indeed, after the resumption of launch operations with the "Sea Launch" Russian media are showing great interest in Sea Launch AG. So today our company's information policy defines one of the priorities of the Russian audience. Since 2010, when the process was completed reorganization, the company has changed dramatically in terms of optimization of financial flows as well as the organization of deliveries flight materiel, operations, corporate governance. Currently structural business represents a group of companies, each of which has clear goals and objectives. Let me explain: the headquarters of Sea Launch AG in Switzerland, in Bern. Sea Launch AG is a proud successor of the old Sea Launch LLC. From Bern is the management of all activities of the "Sea Launch" — the marketing activities and interactions with foreign customers starts — both existing and potential, financing and production of materiel flight in Russia, Ukraine and the United States, holding a launch campaigns.

— Why replace the Sea Launch has come a structure with several companies? — Our exclusive main contractor — the company Energia Logistics Ltd. This company is registered and operates in the United States. Location of this structure and explains the location of the jurisdiction of the U.S. base port of Long Beach with a special infrastructure to prepare for the launch of the flight materiel. In addition, this place of permanent deployment floating cosmodrome — command ship Sea Launch Commander and the launch platform Odyssey. The main objective of Energia Logistics Ltd. — To ensure the delivery of flight materiel, supplies and services from the United States, the U.S. needed to get a license, provide for the launch of space vehicles and constant readiness to ship operations. All activities for the placement of orders for the production of materiel in Russia and Ukraine is the zone of responsibility of the company "Energy-Logistics", the city of Korolev. It carries out inspections to check the status of the production of parts ordered and technical acceptance of ready-made launch vehicle upper stages, rocket engines, organizes visits to the enterprise customers to control the quality and production time. Ltd. "Energy-Logistics" — is a structure that works directly with companies in our cooperation in Russia and Ukraine. Everything is simple and transparent, everyone is engaged in an area in which he — a professional. Activities are diversified, and each company is as close to their immediate konragentam.

— Ahead of this year, another run on the program "Sea Launch". Of course, to sum up the year too early, but you see them? — The results of 2012, we announced in the beginning of next year, but may make an interim analysis. Sea Launch reorganization plan provided for certain indicators, and we will execute at the current time. In the first year of the new "Sea Launch" we have implemented a two-run: the first — from the Pacific Ocean, the second — from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. All materiel, which successfully put the spacecraft companies Eutelsat and Intelsat, has been ordered and paid for by Sea Launch AG, and these two launches were conducted at intervals of 12 days! For the current year, we systematically carry out our manifesto launches. Two devices are already in orbit, and both — of Intelsat. The third launch campaign will begin in the next few days on arrival of the spacecraft. I'll tell you that the upper stage Block DM-SL for the next mission also been taken to the base port of Long Beach, the booster is made, and in the days to ship-transporter will come out of Ukraine in the United States.

— What are your plans for 2013? — The answer depends largely on the production schedule of spacecraft our customers. On the part of Sea Launch AG we will provide materiel readiness to perform at least three starts in 2013. As for future deliveries, it is now in production at factories in Russia and Ukraine are 5 launch vehicle "Zenit-2SL" and boosters DM-SL. Scheduled dates of their availability is not in doubt. Our contractual obligations are based on the production of at least four rockets each year.

— As long as Sea Launch AG fairly certain number of customers. Whether its expansion, and at whose expense? — It is. Historically, already there is a certain range of satellite operators, who work with the "Sea Launch" a very long time, since the beginning of the company. Among them, first of all, you should call the company Intelsat and Eutelsat — the largest players in the market of satellite services. We have also successfully worked with AsiaSat, Echostar / Hugh
s, Inmarsat, and we support these companies with a good attitude. Regarding the immediate prospects: Our plans are linked to the expansion of the circle of customers as the market evolves, and on it there are new players, we are looking forward to cooperate fruitfully.

— How do you assess the technical condition of the Odyssey launch platform and the assembly and command ship Sea Launch Commander? — All vessels are in constant readiness for use. Is the specificity of maritime segment of the company. This year, the launch pad was routine maintenance in Malaysia in accordance with the regulations at the end of a 15-year period of operation. Its speed is increased by 5%. Command ship was in dry dock service in Canada. We also conducted its modernization.

— What can you respond to critics who claim that the "Sea Launch" ineffective? — I can not answer with four runs in less than a year. Measures taken at the end of the restructuring process, justify themselves — the order of ten rockets, their smooth production and the existing order book, in my opinion, are sufficiently weighty arguments. One of the priority objectives of management of the company's Board of Directors, is the gradual reduction of costs, which in the last 5 years before the reorganization have become a serious obstacle to the efficiency of our business model, "Sea Launch". After passing the hard way during the reorganization, we offer our customers their main advantages — strict implementation deadlines, high reliability launch vehicles, competitive pricing and high professionalism of all the staff.

— Are there any plans to upgrade rocket "Zenit", and if so — what? — Such plans exist. Market space launch is not in place, and the "Sea Launch" responds to global trends. Immediately after the resumption of work we have begun work with OAO RSC "Energia", "Southern" GP "Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant" and others on the elaboration of the question of improving the technical characteristics of the booster. Next year we will officially announce the results.

— How would you rate the Block DM-SL? — This component of the sea "Zenith" is characterized by a high degree of reliability and accuracy of excretion, confirmed long-term operation. Designer and manufacturer of the booster — OAO RSC "Energia" — each time shows stable results in terms of quality of materiel, and in terms of execution of our orders. During the August mission upper stage Block DM-SL, as in almost all previous missions, and led the unit into the desired orbit with high precision.

— At the beginning of the interview, you mentioned the Russian audience as a priority. Why are Russian, and why now? — As you know, "Sea Launch" — a unique international project that has no analogues in the world. During the creation of infrastructure, technological adaptation and materiel to the conditions of use of the sea, has done revolutionary work, the engineers made a technological breakthrough, and today this result is still outstanding. RSC "Energia" be the lead integrator and the main partner of the project "Sea Launch". It involved a significant amount of engineering staff RSC "Energia". Over the past few years, in part because of reorganization, "Sea Launch" fell out of the Russian information space. And now the company's efforts are aimed at including the most complete information to the Russian audience about the achievements of the project "Sea Launch". We tried to highlight our mission to the August — Intelsat-21 — as completely as possible, almost in real time — from the moment of leaving the base port to launch the spacecraft. I look forward to further cooperation on objective coverage of the program "Sea Launch".

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Norway, Stavanger

— production launch platform

United Kingdom, Glasgow — manufacturing assembly and command ship
United States, Seattle — production of the payload unit
USA, Long Beach — Home Port
USA, California

— manufacture of the spacecraft;
— production of fuel components, liquid oxygen and nitrogen

Russia, Vyborg — Retrofitting launch platform
Russia, Saint-Petersburg — retrofit assembly and command ship
Russia, Moscow
and Moscow region
— production of the upper stage;
— manufacturing systems and process equipment rocket segment;
— production control system booster and the upper stage and flight missions;
— production of rocket motors;
— flight control of the booster
Russia, Angarsk — kerosene production
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine — manufacture LV stages

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