As Russia began to design the world’s most powerful laser system

On the eve of April 23, the scientific director of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (VNIIEF) Radium Ilkaev stated that in Russia started designing the world's most powerful laser system for fusion, it will be built in Diveevskiy district of Nizhny Novgorod region the industrial park "Sarov"- ITAR-TASS.

"Now there are discussion and formulation of technical specifications to create an installation project participants are funded"- Said Ilkaev. "The decision to build the installation accepted, and starting this year, the money for these purposes are allocated"- He confirmed.

According to him, in the creation of the installation, which promises to be the most powerful in the world, will participate dozens of research institutes of Russia, including the Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Power of the device is 2.8 megajoules, which is greater than that of a similar plant being built by international forces in France (ITER). The cost of construction, according to preliminary data, the amount of 45 billion rubles (1.16 billion euros).

Laser system, the length of which is 360 m, and height — of more than 30 m, designed for research in the field of nuclear fusion. According to the plans of scientists, laser beams converge at a certain point, where it will be createdplasma. According to Radium Il'kaev, This powerful installation will be created only on Russian technology.

It was assumed that the construction of the laser system will be operated in a closed nuclear city Sarov (formerly Arzamas-16), However, believes Ilkaev, it is better to do outside of the closed area to provide access to her exercise routine, including foreign ones. The location of the installation was the industrial park "Sarov" near the town of nuclear scientists.

At present, the industrial park, the creation of which started in 2004, built a complex of buildings and structures on an area of 60 hectares. There have already started production of 24 resident company with a staff of over 230 people. By 2015, the total number of residents of the industrial park should be about 70 companies, and by 2020 the industrial park must earn at full capacity.

Currently in Research center Cadarache in the south France has already begun construction of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ITER. The project involves seven countries, including the EU, which acts as a unit, and Russia. The cost of the project — 15 billion euros. Beginning of the experiments planned for 2019.

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