As Stalling laptops

Before the repair, though what the master first produces the fault, with all this breakdown may be both hardware and software. Because the software eliminates breakage usually yuzerami without using other hardware make out the mobile computer and prepyadstviya associated with probable breakage of parts.
Suffice it often comes down the screen. Called this breakdown, usually, negligent attitude — accidentally fall or incorrect closing the lid. As a result, the matrix of the screen needs to be changed. None of the manufacturers do not guarantee the protection of such problems — and repair laptops apple macbook, lenovo and repair due to damage of the matrix is often prototype. From time to time breaks down the backlight or inverter — but it's more unique.
Often fails keyboard — or filled with fluid, or broken buttons. Often not enough to make out keyboard — labor-intensive process, even more than the purchase price of the latest keyboard of the same type. For external breakdowns also include tampering of the cover.
More severe cases — repair hard disk, and a motherboard. With all of this motherboard is almost half the price of a new laptop. Independent repair motherboard, of course, likely, but asks that a certain degree of equipment and skills, in addition, even Prof. motherboard repair is proving to be not that reliable. As the hard disk, in this case breakdown, most likely caused by a damaged sectors — then in order to avoid the loss of disk imaging disk subject to immediate substitution.
The substitution of the DVD drive does not apply to complex works. To do this, you should know the type of drive — IDE or SATA. But here, you may encounter some difficulties — for example, in some cases, the drive must be flashed, if necessary, so that it was set as a slave.
Repair of various aspects of their laptops varies — sony laptop repair is done by different rules than the repair of Dell. With all of this some manufacturers produce special parts that are not subject to tampering, making them difficult to find and repair cost increases.
In conclusion, we note that at least some computer — laptop or desktop — there is a cooling system, which at some point needs to be cleaned. While cleaning a desktop computer can be made without the help of others, it is better to entrust the cleaning of a laptop from a specialist service center. Recommended Do this twice a year.

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