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— without having to know any of Voltaire, nor of franmasonstve.
Pushkin *


Everything becomes clear in comparison. To look into the mystery of the Church hierarchy, in most of its mineral resources, we decided to go through a comparison of the opposite pole from those clerics considered their sworn enemies. In the bulls of popes, in exposing the church manifests the secret society of Freemasons, alchemists, the Rosicrucians were defined as the army of Satan, as an organization of low, vile, depraved people, to unite in order to undermine the authority of the Church and destroy the Christian morality of society.

Fighting them was uncompromising. To death for belonging to the brotherhood of Freemasons sentenced even at the end of the XVIII century, as it was demonstrated by Cagliostro.

The Inquisition accused the Count that he was a Freemason and magician, engaged in illicit research; that ridiculed the holy faith of the Roman Catholic church that had large amounts of money obtained by unknown methods.

Death for being a mason. Death for having learned that the church was not allowed to study. Death for being owned money, the origin of which was unclear. According to the church, a man should not live, it is sure to be killed. And sentenced to death, despite the fact that the dark Middle Ages were in the distant past.

After the verdict was read, all the documents of the graph, the diplomas of foreign courts and societies, Masonic regalia, heirlooms, tools, books, including his own book on the history of Freemasonry, were burned with great solemnity executioners in Piazza della Minerva a large gathering of people.

Everything, absolutely everything, that could at least to some extent justify the count in the eyes of posterity, was destroyed.
So does this effect? If it is judged fairly, why should the destruction of all evidence?
The same thing happened with the documents on the case of the Templars. Henry Charles Lee wrote that the majority of court records, and the church council, to decide the fate of the Temple, disappeared, "lost".
* Collected works in three volumes, New York: 1985.

If one of the leaders of the Freemasons, "devil worshiper," Count Cagliostro was sentenced fairly, then why his papers, books, regalia will not discover evidence against him? Why not put them on display company, all to see with their own eyes the terrible, immoral ideas proclaimed by these conspirators in their secret papers? — What do they plan to capture and share the whole world that they want to turn all of the Christian faith, that hide under the noble guise of educators devious and greedy intentions, satanic rituals and crimes.

But all the evidence, all the papers and documents, all that connected Cagliostro the human world and the Brotherhood was destroyed. Now historians, making the encyclopedia can write about it and rogue adventurer, who was hiding behind the veil of secrecy.

The question is, why the church had to destroy evidence?

Obviously had something to hide, hide from contemporaries and descendants. Those true motives, objectives, principles, on which the original authentic Masonic fraternity. The principles that from ancient times were the basis Adeptship, based on secret societies, led by the Brotherhood of Initiates of the East.

After much of the history and practices of the Brotherhood was published Blavatsky, the opportunity to get an idea about this. We can consider the simplest of terms, which are required for entry to the human way to learn the secret of Science *, compare them with the moral principles of Jesuits, to denote the width gulf between these two fraternity followers.

If people want under one of the Masters of Science to study practical occultism of the East, it must first pass a special preparatory stage. A few rules will be offered to him, and all of them will have to be his leadership at every day:

Place for learning and training of the training must be free of negative spatial layers of one's thoughts, feelings and actions. It will be clean, fresh and should never be defiled by any selfish or sensual thought.

Required complete removal of all the fuss.

Before a student will appear face to face with the Master, he has to acquire some preliminary knowledge in the community with a few others, such as he, his students.

The student must completely empty your mind of any negative thoughts were, of all thoughts and feelings, opposing it to anyone in the world.

Must complete exemption from feeling the difference between himself and his friends, from any motives competition. "I — the wisest," "I — a free", "I — a successful, spiritual, good teacher" — these and similar ideas must always remain in the past as one of the most damaging illusions and delusions.

Studying with other students, a candidate for initiation must be their brother, and not external, formal, and in all sincerity and candor. Grief and joy, success and failure must now be their general, and together they have to be like the fingers of one hand — are inextricably linked in a harmonious spiritual harmony.
* Blavatsky, the article "Practical Occultism."

Together, the group of students through such harmonization attains a state of such a finely tuned musical instrument. This is required for the practical work with the Master.

Student should be afraid only of external contact with someone of influence of magnetic emanations foreign bodies, things, everyday items. He has his own dishes, their household items. This is necessary to identify the best individual energy student.

Fusion and harmony with the comrades in spirit, but the bodily detachment.

To achieve this purity is and diet, which completely eliminates animal food. Emanations of dead animals should not be blended with magnetism student. And of course, there should be no effect on the body and mind, like Opium or alcoholic poisoning.

These conditions, the absolute chastity, purity of body and soul, to be observed every day for months, and more — years, will give the student a chance to take the path of practical secret teachings of the East. And compared with its dangers and difficulties of all these preliminary rules seem to him a light entertainment.

The fact that the West is considered the most sacred, in the East, Yogic Science, is only the first step towards improvement, a prerequisite before heading to the ocean sciences.

If the rules of these preparatory apprenticeship, from the tops of the East is now down to the world of European civilization to the Templars, Alchemists, Rosicrucians, you can see where, in what was the example that inspired these knights and scholars. They fearlessly went to the stake, without revealing any secrets executioners of their mentors. They knew that there, in the East, there are giants of spirit and will, keepers of ancient wisdom. They knew that life and science teachers are immeasurably higher and harder than the statutes and precepts of their knightly orders and secret brotherhoods.

There is evidence of how visited one of the centers of the Himalayan Masters employee Blavatsky Hindu Damodar, a young man who had proved their loyalty to the brotherhood of all.

The witnesses, members of the Theosophical Society, recalled the time when he disappeared without a trace from the place where he lived, and appeared before his friends in just three days, but so changed that they did not immediately recognize him. It was like a different person. He went pale, delicate, finely-built young man, timid and shy, but when he returned, he looked already vigorous, strong and courageous man who found a quiet, neslomimuyu will and self-confidence. Even the bronze of his face, as noted by his friends, was a few shades darker. Damodar said:

"I was lucky to be called and to get permission to visit the holy ashram, where I spent a few days in the blessed company of several Mahatma Himavata and their students …. Unfortunately, the highly personal nature of my visit to these three blessed place does not allow me to tell about it more. enough and that the place I was allowed to visit, is located in the Himalayas, and not some fantastic country of eternal summer, and I beheld his Master, being in the physical body, and he was exactly the same, What I have seen him in the early days of my apprenticeship … "*

On most Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, will not give any biographical data, no evidence of her relatives, friends, acquaintances, not to create in the reader the illusion of knowledge about the life of this incredible man. Necessary or lead them all, or do not take at all. Her fate could be the basis for writing a multi-volume novel exciting, but we need a real writer, able to undertake such work. Writer honest, sincere and open-minded, who is not afraid to stake his reputation, his name, because he wrote today about it — that means the most to join the pantheon of "adventurers" to which ranked people such as Cagliostro, Saint-Germain and Colonel Olcott, a close associate of Blavatsky. Such "canonization" inevitably affect anyone who will undertake to restore the good name of this great woman.

On this occasion the author to ask the reader's forgiveness and previously one single time I'll write a few lines on his face, pulling out of the total coherent narrative flow of events and move in our time, from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first century.

Sometimes everyday scene, even the smallest, convey to us the essence of something massive, broad, what is happening at the moment. That may already be laying some global events of the future. On that day, April 16, 2002, I was struck by its lack of awareness of the ongoing changes and movements in the spiritual life of society.

I met an old friend, with whom he had not seen, maybe two years. He teaches biology at one of the universities. Talking about the little things, the changes in each other's lives, and then he told me one fresh impression:

— Recently, the channel "Culture" show program about Blavatsky. At all!
— That "in general"? — I ask — What is shown?
— Is revealed! This must be seen!
— And that showed that?
— It showed. The shooting of her. Shots as she went wild. About her obsession …
Frankly, I was thrown into a fever of such discoveries. I did not know which way to approach to the other party to the following questions. Tried to remember, but when Blavatsky died (1891), and when the first in the history of film, shot by the Lumiere brothers (1895). I told him about the incompatibility of the time of "facts", shown on television.
— She lived and died before the publication of the movie. How could it shoot?
— Well anyway, even if it's not real shooting, I can give you one hundred proof that she was possessed!
— Bring.
* Five Years of Theosofy. L., 1885, p. 456-7. Quoted in "Brotherhood of the Holy Grail" by Richard Rudzitis.

— Do you go to church? Now in the Orthodox Church are selling a lot of useful literature. There are good books. Such and such, for example. Everything is written in detail about Blavatsky, about Roerich.
— What does it say?

— How all these Masonic conspiracy against Russia prepared. All of this drug for the Russian people — Blavatsky, Roerich …

I realized that further conversation could only be carried subject with these books in their hands, otherwise it would have been a dispute emotions, not arguments, and we parted, agreeing to meet one day for a serious dialogue.

It would seem, what's the difference? Well portrayed someone someone in an indecent world, and pass it off as the truth, you never know nowadays vilify each other. But everything in me boil. It was breathtakingly — lies on this scale.

Why, why, who took so thoroughly, professionally and in a big way, trample in the mud the name of a man who lived more than a century ago and still alive in full glotnuvshego slander in the address? Someone financed the organization directing productions, paid actors, make-up by HPB, promoting this show on TV, and all this just to create the viewer the impression of it as a demon possessed person. Although, if you think about it, the impression created by millions of people who watched this show. And if they have not read any real evidence of it, it seems, and had become the only true representation.

To quote his biographers, friends Blavatsky lead episodes of her life and even all her biography, it does not disprove the slander that has accumulated around the name. Because slander is based on the biography of the man added to any "juicy" or wild details. These details are presented to the reader or viewer as the details of life that biographers are silent as if well-intentioned.

Surely the reader heard that the creator of the Theosophical Society — "Madame Blavatsky" — adventuress, fokusnitsa and medium, gathered around him a deluded fans. Perhaps readers have heard that it is — "a chronic drug addict." Perhaps the reader is even aware that it is — "the mother of many children born out of wedlock humpback." Such it is covered in serious publications, such as, for example, the book of English authors, "Ancient Wisdom and Secret Societies", dedicated to the history of the occult and secret brotherhoods.

Arguments about the meaning of slander, turned into a bogey man is simple:

If this is the very "Madame Blavatsky" fiend, what she may have children? Only illegitimate and just humped. Why extramarital? Because it is not known at all about any of her children were. Why humpback? Because it's so interesting.

To further impress the society, such "details of life" invented again and again, reaching its apogee in until senility, again going back to the invention of sophisticated thought-out "version."

This is a sign of our times. People who declared themselves in history, the bones begin to dismantle and wash. If you can not find the mental deterioration, then sought out the physical flaws. Begins the terrible anatomy, from which, according to Gogol, throws in a cold sweat.

There are scientific studies on, for example, physiological abnormalities in the body of Joan of Arc. Very carefully considered especially her menses and the device of the vagina *. It is concluded that all great men were not without flaw, that the genius — the flip side kakih-nibud genetic abnormalities. And argues that such a search for the truth of humanity will come to a better understanding of himself. Needless to say, that the author in his works is modest and does not claim to genius, do not want to be a genetic mutant?

The same author in an article in the American Colonel Olcott was awarded the epithet "the darkest personality XIX century", making it in passing, by chance, no arguing. Justify why, more importantly, the reader knows the "truth": even Jack the Ripper was a much more harmless to society than good-natured humorist and romantic Henry Olcott.

Only at least one such "researchers" would explain with facts and logic, what is in front of him to blame these people are heroes.

Henry Olcott tells how it happened first — face to face — a meeting with the Master. The American won the meet with one of those of whom in India think and speak in reverential respect:

"I turned my head in amazement and had the book out of my hand: I have stood statuesque figure of the east, in white and amber-yellow striped head scarf or turban, embroidered silk. Long, jet-black hair fell from under his turban to his shoulders, his black beard, divided according to the custom of Rajputs chin, curled at the edges and up into the ears, eyes burning fire of the spirit: the eyes, a look that was both friendly and piercing — eyes mentor and judge, but to love his father looking on son, who need advice and guidance. His appearance was so majestic, so full of moral strength, so radiantly spiritual and superior to the common man so that I felt embarrassed in his presence, and I bowed my head and dropped to his knees, as is done with God or being like God. His hand gently touched my head, soft but strong voice told me to sit down, and when I looked up, the Visitor was sitting in a chair on the other side of the table. He said that he came to me at a critical time when I needed it, that led me to that my actions, that only depend on myself, whether we meet often in this life as members of the common good, that much work must be done for the sake of humanity, and that I have the right to participate in it, if I want to, that mysterious bond that is not the time to explain to me, brought together me and my Minded — and this relationship can not be broken, no matter how hard it sometimes was. He told me about some things concerning the HPB [HPB] — they are I have no right to repeat — and also about myself, which is not related to the others. I can not say how long he remained: perhaps half an hour, or maybe an hour — it seemed to me one minute, so little I noticed the passage of time. Finally he stood up. I was amazed by his height and a strange glow that emanated from his face — it was not an external luster, but a soft glow, so to speak, the emission of the inner light — the light of the spirit. Suddenly, it came to mind the thought:

"What if all this is just a hallucination What if HPB hypnotized me? Now, if I still have some material object, which would have confirmed that he was actually here, something that can could hold in their hands after he goes! " A teacher with a kind smile, as if reading my mind, unwound the "fences" with its head, kindly greeted me good-bye, and — disappeared: his chair was empty, I was alone in the form of stress! And yet not quite alone, for on the table was embroidered headscarf — a real and strong proof that I was not enchanted or bewitched physically, but that I was face to face with one of the Elder Brothers of humanity, one of the teachers of our careless immature race "*.

One of the messengers of the Brotherhood, we met at the beginning of the second chapter. Even not one but two. From this meeting, we began our journey into the world of antiquity, and, simultaneously, in the tale of the unrecognized, hidden stories.

Mysterious envoy came to Pope Leo XIII, head of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, giving it a kind word. They met, and the fate of Cagliostro was solved.

Him, who was a hated enemy of the Church, a Mason, was ordered to have mercy and send the content to a particular castle, from where he disappeared, forcing butchers to think about his death various vague version.

It was one of the episodes of the struggle, confrontation Vatican hierarchy and the Brotherhood of Initiates.

Cagliostro, one of the brothers, was captured. That would not appear as a manifestation of a real war, everything was arranged as a court for dangerous heretic. Had to deal with the conventions of the State, the laws invented by Masons, freethinkers, reformers. One can not be a reason to seize and punish people in enlightened Europe. It was impossible to say to society: "In war as in war, we destroy the adept from the opposite camp, see how it's done." What was needed was at least some excuse, and then, like hundreds of years ago in exposing the Templars, Rosicrucians and other "pagan", brought charges that were empty as a damn egg, but it hurts the feelings of hatred and fear of the unknown man. Witnesses to the process announced Count Cagliostro — Mason is the membership of secret heretics, unclean, it is very scary, and he was engaged in the forbidden science, it is doubly worse because no one knows what evil, what a monster comes out of the bulb of the science and pounce on the poor humanity, and he ridiculed our faith, and therefore your religion, mocked by all of you, it is unclear where he owned a hand-in money, and all of a sudden he is using his science made such money would buy power in the world and subjugate all?
* Rudzitis R., "The Brotherhood of the Holy Grail" / Bregdon C. Episodes from an Unwritten History. Rochester, 1910, p. 21-3.

Cover the real reasons — confrontation, struggle — was created, and did not care what many, many at the same time to engage in the same sciences, without fear of any punishment and persecution for it.
As we have said many times, it was possible to prepare public opinion to form it, pointing in the right direction, to destroy another soldier of the enemy army. But suddenly a mysterious envoy and sounded mysterious word that made the hierarchy of magicians recognize the power the other side.

Nevertheless, the victory of the church was evident. Now who knows anything good about Cagliostro? But rumors and versions of suspicion and slander against him had nothing left. Only "adventurer."

How then to believe that he was involved in the Brotherhood of Initiates? How then do not believe in a different version — that the Brotherhood Initiates actually a bunch of liars and crooks, disguised mystery and cheap tricks? How then do not believe that Freemasonry — one big swindle honest people, true Church for condemnation? How then do not believe in all these versions at once?

Such repeated later, another messenger Brotherhood.

Even before he publicly declare his links with the Brotherhood of Initiates, Blavatsky was one very good offer. At the time, she was known for her phenomenal abilities, and one day came to her man the Vatican to submit the request to the Pope: using powerful hypnotic ability to convert to the Catholic faith is one high-ranking official in Egypt. In return, it would receive thanks dad and lifelong patronage of the Church.

Mediator Pope miserably was put through the door. I had to settle down for a long time, after such news. But it was a recognition of the strength of one of the largest communities of magicians. However, recognition is not promised her anything good.

From now on, she came out of the shadows and become an open target for rumors, "Version" and "revelations."

Started this process our old friends — the Jesuits. Secret order, designed specifically for such "special operations." Since then he will take the example of the intelligence and security services, the knights of cloak and dagger, mastering the tools of intrigue and conspiracy. Special services will be the idea of serving their country or their government, or themselves, but "soldier of Jesus," as the Jesuits called themselves, had another idea, another motive. They are right to say that does not need any "faith in Jesus Christ, to all the articles of faith and the Ten Commandments." The main thing — the powerful ministry of the unseen protector, a link to which you can go through the magical rituals and invocation of Seven.

The most powerful intrigue those that look innocent, clumsy and not attract attention. It used to invent poisons that can kill in trace amounts deposited on clothing. The progress of civilization has brought improvement in this area, it was important to only look at the laws of collective psychology and properly use them. Scottish Jesuit Paterson bribed housekeeper Madame Blavatsky and her husband — a carpenter. In the absence of the hostess, they began to construct a system in her house hidden drawers, shelves, double bottom and movable screens. While all of this activity has not been disclosed, the conspirators rushed to declare it as loud as possible. Helped spread news "Christian College" — a missionary organ in Madras. Nothing that shelves and drawers did not even finish, so that the mechanism of the screen swelled from raw Indian climate, that she could not move. The main thing was done: the truth now was that the house Blavatsky, where she recently showed phenomena of the scientists of the London Society for Psychical Research, there existed secret device for showing tricks.

"Revelations" fell down one after the other. None of the scientists witness the phenomena did not want to remember that living roses fell from the ceiling, which would have helped no hidden boxes and screens. Scientists were initially hostile and asserted himself as a prayer of salvation: "This can not be, because it can never be." Now, their skepticism was satisfied to the full. Moreover, the righteous indignation caused them loudly about the antics of Blavatsky throughout the scientific world. Letters from the Himalayan Mahatmas, Masters, who appeared in the house of the "Russian adventurer", is also now turned into a fake, and with them, and the teachers themselves.

Useless were all multiple applications and references to the scientists and staff Blavatsky just honest witnesses. Defenders of the "adventurer" is no longer allowed on the threshold of publications values its reputation, and had to be limited to the magazine of the Theosophical Society. Did not help signing seventy Pundits in India's most respected experts on Sanskrit and Hindu sacred literature, who wrote: "… we declare that the existence of Mahatma no means invented by. Our great-grandfathers, long before Madame Blavatsky, were convinced of their mental strength , for they knew and interacted with them … We have a lot of evidence of the existence and activities of these "higher beings" … "* All of this did not stop the shaft slander launched by the Jesuits. Rumor went, and it was done. Scientists can continue calmly to write articles about the impossibility of the impossible, and journalists — ridicule the faith of Indians in the Mahatmas.

Scientists attempt to tear the Brotherhood of executions over the frogs and draw their attention to the reality of the spiritual world has failed.
It was one little private time in a tireless and selfless work of the Jesuits. Science, society for a long time will not encroach on the knowledge of spiritual phenomena and laws, which owned the church. The less competition, the more power.
* Notice in the biographical sketch of her sister Faith Blavatsky Zhelikhovsky "Rudd Bai. Zhelikhovsky faith of his sister Helena Petrovna Blavatsky," published with a collection of articles Blavatsky "Karma destiny."

The work of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) have a very broad scope, as opposed Order powerful enemy. Blavatsky was only one member of the Brotherhood, the other brothers had other problems, and they did not declare himself. Therefore, the secret society network of Freemasonry, the Enlightenment was the Vatican's secret police for a constant headache. It was impossible to penetrate the mystery of the Masons, to introduce them to their agents, to influence policy from within the Masonic fraternity, as communication and leadership of society stretched far to the east. And then Jesuit leaders have used one brilliant tactical move.

Remember they did to Cagliostro — spread the rumor that he was a member of their order, and then everything began to doubt the veracity of his statements, his knowledge, titles, information. If you look at it from a psychological point of view, what can we say about the way of thinking about the internal state of the motives of the Jesuits?

Imagine a collection of "soldiers of Jesus", talks about how to deal with the Count of Cagliostro.

He declared himself a member of a secret brotherhood of initiates and found already in Europe, many influential followers. He's doing wonderful phenomena, proving the existence of Science Initiates. He is everywhere these sows doubt that the Church — the only winner of the highest spiritual truth. What happens if Cagliostro will continue to be as successful, and there will be some new ideological trend, a movement that has captured the minds of Europe and will knock out the support of the spiritual and economic power of the Vatican? Moreover, this power is already fairly loose, podtochennaya other same-Masons freethinkers. And is it possible to continue to endure the antics of Cagliostro and his open challenge to the authority of the church?

Such considerations could agitate the minds of Vatican hierarchy — the pope and cardinals. But that's not it. The method itself, which was chosen to address the problem, says still other questions asked by those who invented it. The deeper issues related to the essence of human psychology, the very essence of the soul.

Jesuits decided, that all began to count Cagliostro liar, preying on the gullibility of people, spread the rumor that he — a member of our order, that he — one of us.

What does that mean?

The fact that they understood and were aware of the fact that they — liars. This is first.

Secondly, they clearly saw themselves as an organization of persons to oppose himself to all human notions about spiritual purity and height of morality, something noble and good. They did not have any illusions about himself, his spiritual condition.

They are those who believe complete nonsense all there "Ten Commandments", the concept of goodness, love, compassion, humanity, justice, honor, honesty, and integrity.

Society has long known about it, and for them nothing wrong with that. Their conscience is not at all worried.

They reason as follows:

Everyone knows that we have nothing to do with honesty and integrity. Everyone knows that we are on the other — the other — side (only few people fully in all its depth is aware of this, which is good.) We use this notion of society about us, this truth, for our purposes. Cagliostro time as his Masonic brethren, says justice, wisdom, truth, since he is so good, we are very easy to make it worse. Rumor — and it is easier than ever — that he is a part of our order. And then no one would envy him. From now on, he knows that such contempt, disgust and chistoplyuystvo society. He wanted to bring happiness to all of them? Now he sees the treachery of his followers. They instantly forget about all his achievements and the great things that he has done for them, and remember it is true and empty tear only when it will lie in a coffin.

And it happened just the way they talked, knowing the laws of collective psychology.

This example is from Cagliostro will now turn to the transformation that the Jesuits made with Freemasonry. It was also based on knowledge of psychology, but only individual psychology.

To effectively confront the whole brotherhood of the Masons and the Brotherhood itself, the Jesuits invented virtuoso historical course: they created their fraternity of Freemasonry — Masonic, Rosicrucian organization, and even the new Knights Templar.

Here, too, is to stop, sit and ponder the genius of the plan.

All have long known that the story is going on people, was held in secret Masonic organizations. This fact was known, but its details were not known, the details. In those days, the word "mason" breathed spiritual freedom and romance just struggle, feats, high ideals of true brotherhood. In America, the Freemasons, Washington, Lafayette, Knox, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton fought the tyranny of England and created a great independent state of the United States. In Europe, the Masonic Grand Master Giuseppe Garibaldi united Italy; Masons Mozart, Liszt, Haydn, Goethe, Schiller created immortal works of art. In Russia, the Masons Suvorov and Kutuzov showed examples of valor, honest and heroic life. Masons Decembrists tried to save the people from slavery, worked on the development and education of Siberia. They moved all the human qualities and feelings, the desire for a renewal of life, to seek a new one. They worked, served, worked, made mistakes and learned from mistakes. Wrong, because I do not make mistakes, only those who do nothing.

These "heretics" and "devil-worshipers" have led the world in motion, forced to think, feel, act, create. Search for truth and justice are not in the kingdom of heaven, but on earth. And, in contrast to those who denounced and betrayed curses, nobody was tortured in torture chambers, no one was burned at the stake.

Enlightened Europe lived Masonic ideas of transformation. Become a Mason, to join the Masons was the dream of many energetic young people. Took advantage Jesuits:

Want to be a Freemason? Want to get into such a prestigious community? Do you want to entertain the membership in secret societies? Do you want to be close to the king and chancellor, want to be mediators in the system of secret levers of power? — Please, here's a secret society of Freemasons, here's a Rosicrucian, and even the Knights Templar. Welcome back!

But, of course, did not say a convert, where, to whom drawn yarn guide these secret societies. With whom they are entering and uttering oaths of allegiance are faithful servants. The true leaders of this new Freemasonry — Jesuits — have remained in the shadows. And it was very convenient. With these masons could implement some intrigue, and then conclusively state that it intrigues Freemasons.

So in Europe were "institutionalized, and the most common" secret society of Freemasons and Rosicrucians, Freemasons and Rosicrucians opposed. So brew that incredible mess in which — under one name — Mixed Masonry Pushkin, Goethe, and Garibaldi and Freemasonry Jesuit Baron Handta, Prince Friedrich Wilhelm II and 33 Grandmaster Benito Mussolini. So in one historical boiler were "ideas of moral self-improvement and … black magic." It was the incredible "alchemy", which managed to make the history of the Jesuits.

French historian Jules Michelet said it this way: "Fifteen centuries of the Christian world was in spiritual yoke of the Church … But this was not enough for them to yoke, they wanted the whole world bowed under the hand of one master" *

"Clone" grown under careful supervision of the Jesuit Order of the Knights of society of Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Templars began to reproduce themselves and their numerous side branches, the rituals, the degree of dedication and titles. "The ritual of Avignon", "Ancient and recognized Scottish Rite," "The ritual of the Order of the Temple," "Feslerovsky Ritual", "The Supreme Council of the Emperors of the East and West — Sovereign Prince Masons," etc. etc.

Jesuit Baron von Gotthelf Handt said that owns Templar secret documents showing that his order, which he called the Order of strict obedience, is the rightful heir to the case Templars.

Jesuit graph Ramsey proposed the idea of combining with loannite newborn Templar, the Knights of Malta. Indeed, that was the logic. Maltese after the defeat of the Templars got the lion's share of their assets, and by now it was possible to declare themselves the Knights Templar. Earl Ramsey declared: "Our ancestors, the Crusaders, gathered in the Holy Land from all Christian countries and wanted to unite in a common brotherhood, embracing all nations to come together with heart and soul for mutual improvement, they can over time form a single intelligent people" **.
* Michel, "Jesuits." Quoted in "Isis Unveiled" Blavatsky, v.2.
** Quoted in "Isis Unveiled" HP Blavatsky, Vol 2.

Ribold historian in his book "General History of Freemasonry," so sums up the process:

"The Jesuits … denaturalize and profaned Freemasonry. When they failed, they thought, to destroy it in one form, they decided to use it in another. With this decision, they have created a systematic works, entitled" Secrets of the Temple "- the mixing of different narratives, events, characteristics of the Crusades, mixed with dreams of alchemists. Catholicism in this mess of all the rules, and the whole fake construction rolled on wheels, representing the great purpose for which the Society of Jesus was organized "…

But while this great goal will leave behind the scenes.

Add some clarity to what was happening at the time and was later in the world of ideas agitated glorious revival of Christian chivalry. History is made by people, people direct their psychology, society, led by those who know human psychology. So a bit of psychology.

Sergey Maltsev

Category: Mystery stories

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