Atlantis. Location options

The main options for the location of Atlantis

Atlantic Ocean

From the text of Plato's dialogues is clear that Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the priest, the army of Atlantis "was on his way from the Atlantic sea." Priest says that contrary Pillars of Hercules was a large island, more than Libya and Asia put together, from which the other islands can be easily cross "for the whole opposite continent" which is easy to guess America.

Therefore, many of atlantologists, especially those who believe the date 9500 BC, believed that Atlantis was once in the Atlantic, and its traces to be found either in the ocean or near the existing islands as 11,500 years ago were high mountain peaks. Below we detail the basic hypotheses related to the Atlantic Ocean.


About two and a half thousand years ago in the Mediterranean there was a severe accident in the history of mankind. The explosion of the volcano strongyles was three times stronger than the eruption of Krakatoa. This explosion has created a wave of tsunami dozens or even a hundred yards that struck the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Scientists believe that this disaster has caused the death of Cretan-Mycenaean culture that existed 3,000 years ago. Not surprisingly, such a grandiose natural disaster attracted many researchers, some of whom came to the strange at first thought that by describing Atlantis Plato described Tyr (where the volcano is located strongyles) or Crete.

This second version of one of the two most popular, I have also discussed in detail.

Iberian Peninsula

The name of one of the first ten kings of Atlantis — Ghadir — have survived in the title Gadirskoy area. Ghadir — Phoenician settlement, current Cadiz. This name was the basis for a separate atlantology assume that all Atlantis was in the Iberian Peninsula at the mouth of the river Kvadalkvivir.

Qadir was lying near another famous city Tartessos. Its inhabitants were Etruscan and claimed that their state 5000 years. German H. Schulten (1922) believed that Tartessos is Atlantis. In 1973, near Cadiz at 30 meters found the remains of the ancient city.

In northern Spain is now living a million Basques. Their language is unlike any known language in the world. Some similarities between it and the languages of American Indians. This suggests that the Basques — direct descendants of the Atlanteans.


In 1638, the English scientist and politician Francis Bacon Verulam in the book "Nova Atlantis" Brazil identified with Atlantis. Soon released new atlas with a map of America, compiled by French geographer Sanson, which were even provinces are the sons of Poseidon in Brazil. The same atlas published in 1762 by Robert Vogudi. It is said that at the sight of these cards Voltaire was shaking with laughter.


In 1675, the Swedish Olaus Rudbeck atlantology argued that Atlantis was in Sweden, and it was the capital of Uppsala. According to him, it is obviously clear from the Bible.


Herodotus, Pomponius Mela, Pliny and other ancient historians wrote about the tribe of Atlantis, who lives in North Africa, the Atlas Mountains. Atlanta According to them, do not see dreams, do not use the name, do not eat anything alive and cursing the rising and setting sun.

Based on these reports P. Borchardt says that Atlantis was in present-day Tunisia, in the depths of the Sahara desert. In the southern part there are two lakes, which, according to recent data, are the remains of an ancient sea. In this sea was supposed to be the island of Atlantis.

At the end of XIX century French geographer Etienne Burley put Atlantis in Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains.

In 1930, A. Hermann said that Atlantis was located in the lowlands of the Shatt-el-Jerid, between the city and the Gulf of Gabes Nefta. True, the area does not fall, and rise …

German ethnographer Leo Frobenius found Atlantis in the kingdom of Benin.

Other options

In 1952, the German pastor Jurgen Shpanut Atlantis discovered on the island of Helgoland in the Baltic Sea.

Atlantis was general in all corners of the Earth. We will not dwell on these theories, but it is found in Central America, in the English Channel (F. Gideon), in the Pacific, Cuba, Peru, in the UK, in the Great Lakes region of the United States, Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen, in France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Persia (Pierre-Andre Latry, France, XIX century), Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Canary, Antilles (John McCain Kyuloh, Scotland), the Azores, in the Azov , Black and Caspian seas, in Palestine and in many places.

Evidence of the existence of Atlantis in the Atlantic

In the Atlantic Ocean once existed an advanced civilization. The people of this country have taught the ancient Egyptians and the Maya measured time, construction of the pyramids and lots more. It was laid in Atlanta Pyramids many different numbers, like addressing this message to descendants.

But 11,500 years ago, a meteorite fell to Earth (or comet) that caused the destruction of Atlantis. Meteorite fall awakened dormant volcanoes. Eruption, earthquake. Meteorite fall and care Atlantis under water caused a huge wave that temporarily flooded Europe, Egypt, Asia Minor, America, South Asia and East Asia. This wave killed mammoths in remote Siberia, placing them on the "graveyard." Because of the fall of the meteorite has shifted the Earth's axis, which caused severe climatic changes. Atlanta survivors scattered around the world, different stories about the destruction of Atlantis.

This is the version of the destruction of Atlantis, which can be considered canonical for the supporters of Atlantis in the Atlantic.

In 1665, in his book "Mundus subterraneus" ("Underworld") was a German Jesuit Athanasius Kircher showed that Atlantis existed in the Atlantic Ocean and resulted in a map with its contours. It is interesting that these outlines exactly correspond to the lines of the ocean depths, unknown at the time.

In the XIX century, J. Donnelly wrote the book "Atlantis, the antediluvian world," is considered the "bible" atlantologists. He puts her in the same place where Atlantis and Kircher, but decreasing in size. For him, Atlantis was a biblical paradise, the seat of the Greek gods and strange cult of the Sun!

Donnelly said the mythology of one of the main pillars of the version of Atlantis. Quite objectively mythological aspect of Atlantis is contained in the book by L. Shtegeni.

Mythological evidence for the existence of Atlantis

The legend of the flood

They are found in almost all of humanity, with the exception of Africa except Egypt, Australia and northern Eurasia. Almost all of these myths the gods (God) once filled the whole earth with water (beer) (usually for sins), a fire (falling sky, the earth cracks, there mountain, spewing flames) and all the people drowned (turned into fish, turned into stones ), except one (two) people, which the gods (God) are usually warned about the flood because they were righteous life. These people (or one person), usually the husband and wife (or brother and sister, or Noah and family) are boarding (box, Ark) and swim. They then (not always) sail to the mountain, let the birds to explore (this is often ingenious introduction biblical motifs Christian missionaries in pagan myths).

Legends about the aliens from the West (Old World)

There are some nations of the Old World, in particular, the Egyptians and Babylonians.

From the West comes the unknown man speaking a foreign language. He taught people to manufacture weapons (build cities, calendar, make wine, brew).

Legends of the coming of the East (New World)

There are some American peoples.

They say that these people once came from the East (from the island), possibly at the time there were some disasters (the gods punish humanity), but some of mankind be saved and come to the West, where he founded the country (city , people).

Legends of cosmic catastrophes

Occur in some people.

From the sky fell Stone (Moon, Sun, Serpent, Dragon, whatever), and then started a fire (flood, the earth began to shake, anything else). Then it's all over and people went around the world.

Meeting with a legend atlantologists start looking (and are) in it to prove the existence of Atlantis. For example, after learning that the "Kalevala" is mentioned on the earthquake and high tides (usually the height of the tides in the Baltic Sea a few centimeters), atlantologists concluded that the Earth long ago captured the moon, which caused high tides that people remember. Myths are often given the opportunity atlantology "prove" any, even the most insane statements, urging them under the ancient myths.

The similarity of cultures on both sides of the Atlantic

Atlantologists point to the fact that in Egypt and Mexico, to build the pyramids, are made of stone sarcophagi, mummified dead, uses a similar hieroglyphics in Egypt and Mexico have detached the caste of priests, the worship of the sun, like a number system of time and quite a sophisticated astronomy.

Some atlantologists decided that the Aztecs, the Incas, Mayans and Egyptians were disciples of the Atlanteans, who flew (or sail) to them after the accident. (Osiris in Egypt, Quetzalcoatl in America)

Riddle acne

Aristotle pointed out that in the Mediterranean can be found only female eels. On the origin of acne, "fish without fathers", there were many theories. Back in the late XIX century, it was believed that eels are born alive, and produce them in the light of one of the female species. (?!) Only in 1904, the Danish ichthyologist I. Schmidt solved the riddle of acne. Eels are hatched from eggs in the Sargasso Sea. In the second year, they set sail to the shores of Europe. There females ascend the rivers, the rivers spend about two years, return to the sea and swim to the Sargasso Sea. It is mating season, and females lay eggs. This behavior is easy to acne can be explained if we assume that thousands of years ago on the Sargasso Sea coast were Atlantis, where he held their childhood. The warm Gulf Stream carried them to the shores of Europe and then return them back counterflow.

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