Australian fish infected flatworms

Contaminated fish in AustraliaRecent test results of samples taken from marine bay Gladstone, Australia, have confirmed the presence of fish and other marine animals parasitic flatworms that cause infectious diseases in the population of white perch.

In this case, there was no other parasites, bacteria or fungi, which could lead to the spread of infectious diseases in marine fauna Australian coast.

It is likely that skin discoloration, recorded in some species of white perch and caused panic among fishermen and researchers have been caused by these parasites. To confirm this version further study.

No additional cases of infectious diseases in fish populations and marine life in the region was not recorded.

First white perch with transparent skin and red eyes was found in Queensland. Then many of the fishermen were shocked look of fish, and environmentalists began to talk about water pollution, which privelok similar mutations and kill fish. Then came rumors orasprostranenii infectious diseases among fish. Now, however, scientists believe that the cause of these changes are quite natural reasons: because of the floods in Queensland, many fish populations have undergone tremendous stress. Due to rising water levels in the region got more wild white perch, which led to increased competition for food. Decreased immunity of fish, so she could not resist parasites, settled in her body.

The region has so far conducted studies to confirm the findings of scientists, however, have full confidence we can say that the panic among the local fishing community settled.

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