Battle for Siberia. Colonization of Siberia 2012. Israel goes to Siberia

Initiative Sergei Shoigu Moving the capital of the Urals, the nomination of a blogger Ilya Varlamov for the post of mayor elections in Omsk and creating state-corporation "for the development of Siberia and the Far East," clearly show that Moscow sent its foot on the colonization of Siberia. How are the above-mentioned actions of the regime, what to prepare and what to do the peoples of Siberia? See the first issue of the video magazine "Battle of Siberia."

It became apparent that Israel came into active stage entrance to Siberia, with the support of managed "Russian" nationalist National Democrats and the authorities. Siberia confirms its status as the most significant territory in the world, as the ark of salvation in times of future turmoil and war. Siberian Sovereign rusichej Union urges all to unite to save the Russian Siberia!

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