Be Om instead chode

Any person sooner or later interest in questions of self-discovery. This is not only influenced by the sayings of the great, "Know thyself," and the like, due to the simple and the need to maintain their own health and to work effectively in a society of their own kind, harmoniously integrate into the world.

It should be noted that the world around us, in spite of the tremendous efforts of "modern society", torturing the Earth is nuclear explosions, the attempt to turn back the river, remains harmonious, as it is a manifestation, a projection of a harmonious world of our Gods and ancestors.

Of course, the level and quality of human interaction with the environment depend on the level and quality of the spiritual development of the individual. This causes his health: physical and moral.

Physical health is more or less clear what to do with the moral health?

The forces that guide and control the development of modern civilization, and, anyway, destroying culture in the original sense of the word as "the cult of Ra", a long time in this area have put their order, which is appropriately called the disorder.

One man was sent to the people of Judah, and this people, by the way, nailed to a cross and nailed, said: "Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do …". Only it seems to me that they were in charge. And they know how to do so other people, they are great, the other spiritual orientations, other aspirations and expectations, are in a situation where "they know not what they do." After the violent treatment of land Slavs Christianity and its surrogates, the people that are descendants of races — Slavs and Aryans, sometimes not only not know what they do, and not know what they are saying.

Russian language — figurative language, spoken until very recently (400-500 years), not only Russia but the whole of Europe, not only will replace thousands of phonetic structures, but also in itself mutilated and crippled and has consistently scale. The vast number of words destroyed and forgotten, the meaning of many words changed to the opposite.

Math book begins with a list of definitions that explain the meaning of each symbol. List of definitions is time to begin the work and more "light genre" — literature. Moreover, that the wounds of this "light genre" immature souls, is more serious and more dangerous. The word — is the basic vibration perceived deep layers of our consciousness writing — his imaginative projection, this vibration causes. Therefore, as has been said and written, as it is very important, of course, if people have not lost the ability to perceive these basic vibration, which are — a manifestation of power higher, divine.

Last millennium was marked by wars, declared and undeclared forces of darkness last bastion of the forces of Light — Russia, Slavic peoples, keep faith in varying degrees. Swords changed guns, guns replaced the more sophisticated weapons — information. Physical destruction was replaced by less visible destruction, but much more massive. Culture developed, subdivided into a part that is infected with virus information packed in the upbringing and education system and introducing into the public consciousness by all available means. One goal — to turn people into a herd of sheep, silent and obedient, easily manageable.

How to counteract this, how to deal with the flow of information, which falls on us, where to start?

The gods are wise, they do not leave their children. Alive the legacy of the Slavs and Aryans, there are people to preserve and jealously guarded from outsiders, from the minds of immature and unprepared, which sometimes bring more harm than the minds of the enemy.

Referring to the heritage of the Slavic-Aryan people, listen to the words of the people to know, be clear about how to make their minds prepared to grasp the wisdom of native gods and ancestors.

Step One — the acquisition of common sense rather than conceit formed by someone and to please someone. This will help to cut off the flow of incomplete and misleading information. More and more clearly about the sanity can be found in books or learn A.V.Trehlebova of his conversations.

Step Two — clean-up in your head, organize their thoughts, identify basic concepts and mechanisms of perception, which begins with the clarification of consciousness, the conditions necessary for the improvement and spiritual growth.

In my personal experience, this is a hard one, because the experience of the Slavs in this area thoroughly destroyed and concealed. Zen, Taoist and other eastern practices are hard to understand, although they contain a lot of useful information, as a matter of fact are projections worldview Slavs and Aryans worldview on other people. One source — a lot of ways.

'll Define what consciousness is, and how knowledge is transformed into consciousness, information — knowledge and skill, where it generally occurs.

According to the world view of the Slavs and Aryans, people — it's multi-structured system with:
— dimensional Mind
— three-dimensional body that exists in the fourth dimension (time)
— shestnadtsatimerny mind
— multidimensional Soul
— boundless spirit

Thus, we have a system of nested structures, interrelated and interdependent, are in constant interaction and exchange information with each other and the world. Moreover, each structure receives and radiates its information flow dimension. The perception of a higher dimension of information structures, the dimension is less than occurs in the form of projections or representations that reflect only part of a whole picture (just as the three-dimensional shape is displayed in three two-dimensional projections).

Information from the outside world comes through the channels of perception, of which have a race sixteen. It is convenient to use the notion of energon, rather, one of its definitions as an elementary structural unit of energy, basic oscillator circuit which resonates at a specific range of radiation Ra.

Why Channel 16?

Because for the next four harmonics are stable shestnadtsatimernaya. Our four-dimensional world is the first step on the path of spiritual development of the Gold, the next world shestnadtsatimerny (Book of Light).

We note only that energon bears the original information about the universe, thus becoming an active oscillator circuit. Uniting In Energon exchange information, providing system development. Information is perceived structure of the human as a set of projections or representations, the number of which depends on the dimensionality of receptive structures.

If all channels are open, the knowledge gained full if some channels blocked — the knowledge is incomplete. Then, based on the experience and interaction patterns and imagination, you can restore the integrity of knowledge.

Information "processed" and the perceived one of the structures becomes knowledge. Accumulating and structuring the common sense knowledge can become a consciousness — a qualitatively new formation, the properties of which are similar to the properties of the liquid, rather, water transparency, the presence of "impurities", density, surface tension even. It is through the mind of every last structure forms the energy body.

The human brain can be considered as a tool for thought forms.

The denser and purer consciousness, the higher spiritual organization, the more you can produce a thought-form dimensions of his brain. Also increases energy and thought forms.

The density of consciousness can be felt on physical level, it is quite palpable. With densities of consciousness can work, they can be used. People who engage in martial arts, knows it.

Qualitative transition of knowledge in consciousness is gradual, and not any amount of knowledge becomes conscious. Required to fulfill certain conditions and energy costs, if we want to get to the exit the consciousness, consonant with the words-being, co-ownership, co-existing with the outside world. The transition is abrupt, sometimes unexpectedly, called by different names: inspiration, enlightenment, a touch of the divine wisdom, etc.

A necessary condition for the transition to a knowledge-knowledge is the presence of the normalizing power — Conscience, co-lead of the human soul and the Gods of Light. It was then that the structure is formed svastichnaya man — body-soul-spirit-conscience. This is a unique portal to connect to the ancestral memory. Human consciousness is ready to connect to generic Egregor for cross communication with higher powers. Man gets the measure of divine wisdom, which the Goths that can "digest" to step up to the next level.

Distinction between "live", "human beings", "man" in the tradition of the Slavs and Aryans just reflects the level of consciousness of the spiritual organization, step climbing, step elimination of ignorance.

This is reflected in the degree of development of the energy centers, that may influence the natural power that controls the person.

Now the measures and dimensions.
By the way, I must say that people of different spiritual organizations have different perceptions of the different branches of mathematics, use various mathematical tools, "different mathematicians." Become familiar material world in which we put the Greeks to form the materialist worldview: frankly, cut our perceptions, slew and made lifeless that vibrated in unison with eternity.

Many and can not think of that number, among other things, may be more and live by the will of man to join in live sets and pleasing to the eye in the form of beautiful buildings, churches and monuments. And all this — art of living people using living systems account. The trick is that a person can do only living things, putting in them a part of his soul. If he is doing soulless things, he just man, and he had to work hard to become a man.

Interesting measure, which is used by our ancestors. More precisely, the comparison system. And not only in construction but also in all areas of life. In the literature it is paid much attention. I will make only a generalization.

Slavs are not measured, the more the meter, and it's not that the system met pyadevaya metric is different from the Slavs used measures — the value for the comparison of obtained by computing tasks proportioning, construction yards up the system, t.n.russkogo sevenfold, matrix , which operates the irrational numbers, in general, the numbers living. The art of the architect — enter building in the world, to make it consonant with both internally and externally, and the person there to "live well and life is good."

The principle has been used in the comparison of all: the power to measure, their desires and their ability to tailor. "Each case is measured by its measure," but still in good conscience. Sought to honor — as service to the people, to the glory — as service to the gods.

So we returned to the question of moral health.

People — an open system that interacts with the forces, it is Rodivshimi, manage complex man, one must be spiritually stronger and higher than him. Or do we need to create conditions for their spiritual degradation: from "man" to "zhiti", "stink". Then anything is possible.

Therefore, for the "innocent" language reform, the transition to the new system of accounts, the introduction of new chronology is not the dubious convenience, and the attempt of spiritual strain of the human structure, leading to its degradation. The rites of baptism and circumcision — cutting off, blocking channels of communication with the native gods, the organization called standing wave — a process that is closed on itself, which is coupled to the first allows you to connect to the egregore alien, and spiritual energy robbery, parasitism.

We live in an information war, we started it. But to finish it and win you need us and our descendants. No other way out. The decline of faith ends. Year One bright close encounter will be more explicit and violent.
Booked — is forearmed. We need to know what weapons and how to fight with us.

At a seminar in A.I.Nikitinoy dedicated Slavic ornaments, she told me about a case for needles, which was drawing as trehpetelnoy eight. With the expansion of its reading of the runes and got: "Be Om instead chode." Ohm — omniscient, canny. Who's the sucker, that's obvious. Not to prick yourself in life, often useful to remember this pattern and its meaning. We pay tribute to those who through the ages contributes to the transformation of our souls of the entities in the obscure first panel, then to the sword in the hands of our glorious ancestors was primarily a weapon of protection.

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