Before leaving Bangkok under water within hours

Flooding in Thailand is gaining strength. The water was already one of the airports of the capital Bangkok. Before the flooding of the capital remained a matter of hours. Bangkok residents prepare for evacuation.

All runways at the airport in the capital of Thailand "Don Muang" because of flooding completely disappeared under the water, despite the best efforts of the authorities to keep the level. Airport which is mainly used for domestic and cargo flights, is located in the most affected by the flooding north of Bangkok, reports "Interfax".

International airport "Suvarnabhumi" yet continues to work normally. Meanwhile, even to him and the water crept close, despite the protective measures. According to the "Times Online", for several days in the air port terminal is four thousand people who need to be prepared to evacuate. There is also the operational staff and emergency workers.

Thai capital itself was in a ring of water. Dam can not withstand, the center metropolis at risk of flooding: According to rescuers, the level may have the weekend to reach two meters. "Rather, barriers and dams that protect Bangkok, will not withstand water pressure. Chances are good that will be flooded downtown. We are doing everything possible to reduce the water level," — said Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

In Bangkok, to which soon gets water from next Thursday to Monday inclusive declared inoperative, the residents were able to prepare their homes for flooding, and to leave the city, according to ITAR-TASS.

The situation is particularly critical in the outskirts of Bangkok. On the eve of the rescuers evacuated rare animals from the city zoo, caught in the disaster area. Meanwhile, the greatest difficulties are coming in connection with the evacuation of nine million inhabitants of the giant metropolis. In the town at the end of last week, disappeared from store shelves rice, bottled water, chocolate and canned food. Since the beginning of this week due to flooding have closed about 200 of the 700 gas stations in the city.

The floods in Thailand began in late July with the arrival of the north of the country first in a series of tropical storms. Because of incessant rains the water catches the new areas of the country. During this time, the victims of disaster are more than 400 people.

Also, remain flooded 28 of Thailand's 76 provinces. The water was 1.6 million hectares of agricultural land. Elements destroyed 12.5% of rice fields in Thailand — one of the largest producers of rice in the world. Water flooded 14,000 businesses and left without a job about 700 thousand people. In Thailand — the largest car manufacturer in South-East Asia — discontinued assembly machines on factory Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Ford. Submerged branches of U.S. and Japanese companies manufacturing computer components. According to preliminary estimates, the damage from the floods could reach $ 16 billion.

Floods continue in the neighboring countries, which also recorded a lot of victims. In Cambodia, 247 people were killed in Vietnam — 63, 30 in Laos and 150 — in Burma.

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