Belarus will continue to buy Venezuelan oil

First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko Belarusian government said today at a press conference in Kiev, Belarus will not abandon the purchase of Venezuelan oil in connection with the abolition of duties on Russian oil supplies, told RIA Novosti.

Earlier Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov stated that Belarus intends in 2011 to optimize the supply of oil with the agreements in the framework of the Common Economic Space of the Customs Union. However, he did not specify on whose favor supplies can be perarazmerkavanyya.

Meanwhile Azerbaijani online resource reported, citing the head of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Jealous Abdullayev, that according to the agreements reached between Belarus, Azerbaijan and Venezuela, Azerbaijan to supply oil to Belarus and the United States in a "swap".

As a result of the swap transactions Belarus will receive 5 million tons of oil a year. Belarus will get this oil from Azerbaijan, and the same amount of oil instead of sell Venesuela Azerbaijan. Thus Baku will be able to deliver this oil to the U.S. from Venezuela, instead of, as before, to transport it by tanker across the ocean.

Earlier it was reported that, in accordance with the agreements in the next three years, Belarus, Venezuela plans to buy about 30 million tons of oil.

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