Belarusian opposition. Where their people?

When I was standing under an umbrella in the park of Friendship of Peoples and watched pathetic spectacle that the participants loudly called "people's gatherings," that somehow remembered the film Pavel Loungin "King." There is a famous scene where Ivan alone freezing on a deserted area, prepared for public festivals, and confused, asks: "Where are my people?"

But no — the organizers do not look like the formidable Russian tsar. Solitude of their own activities will be surprised and will not catch. And this time, any objective observer would confirm that the rain has gathered no more than 150-200 people. Attempt of the organizers to hold out this number to a thousand looks and awkward, and improper time. Where a thousand? Clearly, if they counted journalists who gathered almost as many as there are participants. But really they are associated with his supporters and security forces in civilian clothes? In this case, it's a bold statement on their part. And check it in practice, I would not recommend them at all.

October 8 at Bangalore Square appeared shock Guard Belarusian opposition: Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, Vital Rymasheuski, Nikita Likhovid, and even anarchists, National Bolsheviks. Everyone in the crowd chanted something the sacred. Freedom of speech and assembly in action! In this case, to understand what they wanted all along, it was impossible. Minsk City Council are to be congratulated! His idea is to create at the intersection Surganova Orel and Kuhlman kind of Hyde Park is completely successful.

In other cities of Belarus, outside Minsk, "People coming off" and did like a chance meeting on the streets of old friends.

The name "People's landing" demonstrates creative helplessness and misery ideological basis of opposition political consultants. And without any shine. They did not find anything better than clumsy blows brand, which symbolizes the domestic democracy — Belarusian People's Assembly (in Belarusian "similarity") and turned banal gathering interest.

And why people should heed the calls of some little known? The initiators of the "similarity" offered to get together to discuss issues of life of Belarusian citizens. And who told them that they will do some things to discuss? What powers do they have? How can affect change in the economic situation? In general, how they can affect things?

Yet Mr. Ivashkevich and his company to be congratulated on the apparent success. Of course, we are talking only about their personal success. They cranked dashingly profitable enough business project. Judge for yourself how much money was cut by the organizers in a relatively short period of time. Established a committee (apparently, the staffing), the media flashed some ghostly "activists narodnaga immediately" in the regions. That is needed funds to build such a network. Naturally, contrived site, which also have to be kept. Finally, the printed matter (leaflets, banners, posters, etc.) with a call to come to the event promises to be the apotheosis of the opposition movement in the fall. That money was just sawed without any practical result, the following fact. Just the day before on the internet forums appeared angry record visitors perturb the absence of any mobilization campaign ahead of the action. In response to excuses on opposition websites have posted pictures of advocacy products produced specifically for the "similarity". But who saw all this trash in reality? And how many flyers passed through financial documents and was paid for by grants received from abroad? Tens or hundreds of thousands?

One of the organizers of the failed event Gennady Fyadynich said they were in the ghetto. Well, he's right. But every man for himself creates his own ghetto, which limited individual fears and stereotypes, prejudices and complexes. And our opposition, cut off from the rest of society, have created in their own unique ghetto. Quite satisfying and comfortable, but whose inhabitants are increasingly losing touch with reality, less able to adequately respond to what is happening around. Therefore, public support for what they expect?

In any case, all these "network revolution", "narodnyya gatherings" (what they will come up with more?) Have a large positive value. They, like a vacuum cleaner, sucking the notorious 80 million euros have been allocated the West to overthrow the constitutional order in the country. Money runs out, and there is no result. However, this is quite a positive and convincing results. For Belarus itself.

When I came back from this disastrous event, arguing himself of the bitter fate of the unsuccessful Belarusian opposition, it passed by Autumn Fair at the Palace of Sports. Despite the rain, it was crowded. Adults were shopping near frolicking children. Life went on, people are going about their problems, and they did not care either to the opposition or to its appeals. Gathering separately. People separately.

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