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In 1940, the eminent American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce gave one of the most bizarre of their prophecies. He predicted that Atlantis will rise from the ocean floor, and it will happen between 1966 and 1970.

This prediction was made by Casey shortly before his death, it seemed so incredible that it almost nobody believed him. However, another clairvoyant — Master of the Rosicrucian Raymond Bernard, in his book "Invisible Empire", released in 1961, confirmed this prediction. And in 1968 was an amazing event. French diver Dmitry Rebikoff noticed the water near the island of North Bimini, Bahamas, belonging to a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, geometrically regular stone slabs!


The news quickly spread through the world and caused a sensation. It seemed, at last found the real traces of Atlantis, the legendary country, sunken into the ocean, according to Plato, 12 thousand years ago. Immediately after Rebikoffom bottom near North Bimini examined Dr. J. Vallentyne, honorary curator of natural science museum in Miami. He described the object as a "broad pavement of rectangular flat stones of different sizes, the edges are rounded off by long years of water erosion" and expressed confidence in its artificial origin. In the same year Rebikoff together with a team of the University of Massachusetts fired aerial ocean area near the North Bimini and made a rough layout of the mysterious objects. Everything pointed to the fact that discovered the remains of some ancient road or building foundations and walls, and possibly the tops of buildings, the speakers of the centuries-old sediment.

The expeditions were unsuccessful

Over the next 40 years at the North Bimini visited dozens of expeditions. Thousands of divers enthralled dream to find the legendary Atlantis, seven-meter diving at depth to the strange stone "roads". Overgrown shells and underwater vegetation, they act about 20 centimeters above the surface of the soil and ocean stretching, folding in some places at an obtuse angle. Length of the "road" is 100-150 meters. Such objects were also found near the other island groups of the Bahamas — Andros.
Most of the missions, engage in research, "Bimini Road", were not very successful. Underwater archaeologists have tried to dig to determine how deep bedded blocks, but no one could get to their base. This interfered with strong underwater currents and whirlpools. Besides the local waters are full of great white sharks — the most dangerous to humans, and the bottom is full of moray eels.
No wonder the Bahamas enjoyed by athletes podvodnkov notorious. By the way, Bahamas are included in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. Therefore we should not be surprised that two expeditions to the North Bimini missing, and the remaining members were faced with a very unusual phenomena.

Glow seabed

March 24, 1979 Americans Jim Ventana and Harold X. Wilson during a dive at the North Bimini at six o'clock in the afternoon saw the water glowing triangular object with the scope of the "wings" of about twelve feet. Triangle, is rapidly moving above the bottom, made a few steep turns, and then popped out of the water, soared into the sky and disappeared. This object also saw the people on the boat, who were waiting for divers.
In June 1998, a French expedition led by D. Vallo late evening watching the bluish glow of the ocean floor at the North Bimini. Illuminated area was a broad straight band with well-defined edges, and the band did not stand still, and moved. Source strange glow was found. Phenomenon lasted about forty minutes.
As it turned out, the band appears to have noticed a fishing schooner
is nearby, spotted her and American space satellite.

A three meter stranger

Incredible story told by John Murch diver, dive to the "Bimini Road" in 2000. On a clear day at sunset with good visibility, he noticed a dark figure of a man who was walking along the ancient plates (just walked, not floating). Murch was particularly struck that man was without a spacesuit. Very high, about three feet tall, the stranger moved toward the diver. Marchena thought it was fitting jumpsuit. However, no clothes, no face to see in the bluish haze was not possible, the approaching figure is a solid dark silhouette. Murch said later that at that moment he had in mind was not to swim up to the strange figure, on the contrary, his whole being longed for nothing more than to get out of here as soon as possible.

Suddenly, there was a severe headache. Without waiting for a stranger comes near Murch has surfaced to yacht waiting for him. He felt so overwhelmed that he barely managed to grab the ladder hanging down from the board. Pain let go in ten minutes. And it turned out that the head ache of the entire crew of the yacht, and the pain started all at the same time, coinciding with the appearance of it at Murch.

Metal colonnade preserved?

Immediately after the opening of the "Bimini Road" there were skeptics who were trying to prove their natural origin. Geologist Eugene Shinn suggested that the "road" could be formed by the action of the tides. It was later extended version of that "road" — a sea shell and sand, for hundreds of years compressed into a rectangular formation. Dr. Greg Little of the University of Georgia, professional diver and archaeologist, wrote about it this way: "These crazy theories come up with those who have never dived to the" roads ", did not see them with your eyes, do not touch the hands of their wonderful stones".
By the way, Dr. Little's expedition to the North Bimini in 2003 and 2004 gave probably more information about these objects than any previous combined. Little and his team found beneath the stone blocks of the same second, and below — the third. To get to the base of the ancient construction Little failed, in connection with which it has concluded that it is not expensive, and most likely the top of the walls, buried under sediments.
When viewed from a very small portion of the second layer of boards, which failed to disclose, it was found that it is less affected by water erosion, plate carefully sanded and adjusted to each other pretty tight. The readings showed a bottom in the "roads" voids, as well as metal. It is unusual for the entire area, as neither to themselves Bahamas, or at a location nearby Atlantic deposits of metals do not. Underground metal objects, which recorded a device located mostly to the north and north-west of the "road", and they are arranged like a dot, patches, and form a semi-circle. Little believes that it may have an old metal colonnade that once supported (and perhaps still maintains) a building codes.
In 2004, one of the participants of the expedition killed the shark, and the work had to close early. But Dr. Little is going to return here in the future.

Traces of the legendary country

Researchers have tried to determine the age of three "roads". In 1968, having studied the bottom topography and geological layers, the researchers hypothesized that they 2 — 2.5 thousand years. However, in 80 years, new research moved the time of their creation up to the X-IX millennia BC. Studies of the 2000s "Old" underwater object for another thousand years. Now it is assumed that the "road" appeared in the XI-X millennium BC. Analysis of the stones showed that they were originally on the land.
The most striking thing is that if you focus on the above dates, the age of the "Bimini Road" as a whole corresponds to the age of Atlantis, said by Plato in his famous dialogues "Critias" and "Timaeus". According to Plato, who refers, in turn, to Egyptian sources, Atlantis was destroyed in X millennium BC But, in addition, there is also a prophecy Casey, who just said that from the bottom of the ocean should rise just Atlantis. Now
almost no one doubts that the seer had in mind the "Bimini Road".
Is Casey and this time was right and we got tangible traces of the existence of the legendary country?
Whatever it was, due to the discovery of underwater ruins in North Bimini on the agenda of historical science again raised the question of the time and place of the occurrence of the first ancient civilizations. Now it is clear that at the end of the fourth ice age the human race was not the only one primitive hunters with stone axes in their hands.

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