Black Lightning Mohenjodaro

About 3,500 years ago, died under unusual circumstances ancient Indian city, went down in history as the Mohenjo-Daro (Sindhi language "Hill of the Dead"). In the manuscript of "Mahabharata" describes the powerful explosion that followed the appearance of the sky, "glare" and "fires without smoke." From a high temperature "water began to boil", "fish looked like obgo-revshie." As a result of the disaster killed all the inhabitants of the city, an explosion destroyed the building and other structures.

In 1922, the Indian archaeologist R. Banerjee found the city on an island in the river Indus. By groups of skeletons discovered it was evident that people facing disaster calmly strolling through the streets. Signs of mass disease — the results of the epidemic on the bones were found. Preserved skeletons had no trace of impact or any weapons. Also found signs of flooding, volcanic eruption or a large meteorite falling.

At the same time, the stones are traces of rapid melting, fires and extremely powerful blast. All of the buildings were destroyed, but on the outskirts of the city was destroyed not so great. In many ways, Mohenjo-daro like Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the atomic bombings. However, the increased radioactivity were detected. As noted by the British scientist David Davenport, for many years to study the culture, language and history of ancient India, Mohenjo-Daro, a city rarely come to a sudden decline, and in this city all pointed to the fact that the disaster was instantaneous. First lit up the sky, then hover over the city began burning without smoke items, bringing the death of people, and then there was a powerful explosion, which destroyed the building of the people were filled with earth.

There are several hypotheses about the causes of the tragedy at Mohenjo-Daro. One of them will be … nuclear explosion produced when you run or maneuver alien spacecraft visited Earth in the distant past.

And yet, I think, the death of Mohenjo-daro can be explained by the earth, natural causes.

Let us remember that the Greeks and Romans repeatedly described "flaming chariots" or "flying shields", which appeared in the night sky, the American Indians — "round basket" in the sky, the Japanese — "Ghost Ship" with illuminated windows. According to the priest Ezekiel, in Palestine around 592 BC. e. "Came a strong wind from the north, and there was a great cloud. The fire was blazing out of him, and there was a strong luster, and from the middle of the cloud came out strong Lights. " Preserved many ancient reports of strong luminescence of air and other unusual phenomena in Egypt, Ethiopia, India, China, Tibet, the Sahara, Scotland, Germany, Sicily.

Today we know that the emission is due to the accumulation of air in the atmosphere of substances such as ozone, nitrogen oxide, carbonyl compounds, hydrocarbons, and others, which are formed by the action of the air solar radiation, cosmic rays and electric fields. And the natural air almost always has its own glow, seemingly invisible. However, in many cases it intensivnostrezko increases. During the catastrophe at Mohenjo-Daro air luminescence was very significant, it could be well seen even in a sunny day against a bright southern sky.

Contained in the atmosphere of chemically active species able to concentrate, and such physical and chemical education is abbreviated FHO. Judging by the rock carvings, that people were seen 50,000 years ago. They are repeatedly depicted in Etruscan art monuments are registered in the ancient Arabic manuscripts. So, in the Egyptian manuscript, written in 15 century BC and containing the official chronicle of the reign of Thutmose III, refers to the appearance of "a 22-year, in the third month of winter, at six o'clock in the sky glowing ball that was moving slowly south, bringing terror to all who saw it. " The total number of data in the literature about the FHO exceeds 15,000. August 12, 1983 Professor Bonilla of Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico made the first photo FHO. Now there are hundreds.

There are several types of physical and chemical structures. When cold, they can exist for a long time, without singling out the energy and do not emit light, so they are similar to the fireballs, were named Black Lightning. They are free to float in the air, long stay on the surface of the soil. Glowing FHO occurring in the atmosphere in the absence of thunderstorms, called hemilyumine stsiruyuschimi-formations (abbreviated Chloe). Different types of FHO have the ability to move quickly. Luminescence intensity may change continuously. Affects the quirkiness and complexity of trajectories, which is, however, a considerable energy of formation.

The simultaneous formation of many FHO. Scientists observed the sky and hundreds of thousands of luminous objects. September 21, 1910 about a million people in New York City for three hours watching hundreds of FHO, flying over the city. When weighting or seal black lightning starts to fall to the surface, often from bright light. In September 1984, in the area of the Udmurt ASSR Sarapulsky late evening night sky suddenly lit up. From the height fell dazzling white balls. Winding and turning, they gently lowered to the ground. It became as light as day. This phenomenon is the farm workers "Udmurtia" within 20 miles. Transformers were damaged some power lines.

Atmospheric conditions, which produce the FHO, promote the emergence and very toxic substances, resulting in the poisoning of the air. Apparently, at Mohenjo-Daro inhabitants are mainly affected by the poisonous gases, and therefore was not on the bones of dead people any damage.

Then over Mohenjo-daro was an explosion that destroyed the building and go to sleep in many places already dead people. Especially the probability of such an outcome in the simultaneous presence in the atmosphere of a large number of chlorine or black lightning. With the explosion of a single object is a chain reaction of explosions nearby. We can say, blows large area of air, the shock wave reaches the surface of the earth, destroying everything in its path. Temperature in the explosion Chloe reaches 10-15 thousand degrees. Fused stones found in the area of disaster, confirmed this version. At normal temperature fires almost over a thousand degrees. Calculations show that at the time of the disaster in Mohenjo-Daro in the atmosphere occurred about 2-3 thousands of black lightning to 20-30 inches in diameter and over 500-1000 Chloe.

Explosion in Mohenjo-Daro, however, is not unique in the literature one can find dozens of such cases. Their common feature is the set occurring in the atmosphere FHO. Pilots often flew through a huge accumulation of not only the black lightning, but colored Chloe.

The phenomenon of Mohenjo-daro could well be a purely natural phenomenon. It would be interesting during the excavations along with historical monuments found nitrate-nitrite compounds, smalt, pieces of slag and other "tangible signs" of black lightning.

Requires special consideration, the prevention of natural disasters from such explosions. Let us imagine that a disaster similar to the one that destroyed the Mohenjo-Daro, would occur in our time, above the modern big city! The most reliable way to deal with this terrible act of nature is to spray reagents, under which FHO lose the ability to explode and disintegrate rapidly

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