Blagoveschenets caught yet known to science spider

If speculation is confirmed, arthropod may be named after the discoverer of Alexander Dyachenko
In less than two months, "MK on the Amur," said a representative of the unlikely Amur fauna — tarantulas, caught on one of the abandoned quarries of the Tambov region expedition paleontologists were monitored area to detect dinosaur deposits. Recall, while in the group was an expert on insects Bezborodov Vitali, who immediately recognized in a large furry spider tarantula. By the way see this find though was quite rare, but not exclusive — tarantulas and met before the southern region, including at the Annunciation.

And here is a new find! As recently as a week ago a very large spider caught my eye blagoveschentsu Aleksandr Dyachenko.

— It was in Belogorsk — says Alexander, — my wife and her parents helped dig potatoes in the garden. Carried a full bucket and poured into the bag, and when he returned, he saw in the excavated hole is a monster. Just recently I read in your newspaper article about the tarantula, and I thought that this spider is very like him. Of course, guessed that the creature may bite, so that will not find, and he decided to catch this wonderful copy. Not working: I took a half-liter jar and cover drove it into the trap with soil. Spider in principle not opposed, apparently, he was in a state of prostration and he did not understand what he was doing and what he should do.


Belogorsk of Alexander phoned one of the editorial phones, said the arrest of alien wonder and asked, they say, do we have any desire to see him, and if possible to determine that this is a miracle, and this tarantula in person. Quite frankly, reluctant to "prescribe" in the editorial office of the bugs, spiders, and even more poisonous spider, we have never had, but that we ourselves have recently stirred the public sensational and now according to common sense for it to be in the response. Give consent, and on Monday morning with a ceremonial move spider Belogorsk potato plantations in the capital Amur place.

On the surface the spider was really similar to the Tambov tarantula, but the verdict had to put that up right away that we could not get through. It should be noted that the staff of the "MK-on-Amur" took the spider as a mother, have thrown him into a jar of grasshoppers, but it seems that the new lodger appetite was apparently held acclimatization. Apparently, the adaptation to the new conditions of life a success: the next morning spider platted on a dome of thick web, and in the bank for a blacksmith was less. In the team there was talk, they say, and not to leave it be at home, and then scientists torment, but common sense prevailed, and the fourth day of tarantula in the version we finally contacted the scientist Vitaly Bezborodov entomologist.

It should be noted that entomologists are engaged exclusively on insects, and spiders — Arachnology, but with verbal portrait Vitaly with greater degree of confidence that this is indeed a tarantula. To make sure he had the photo "in the face and profile," which he asked to send by e-mail.

Photo shoot in the bank, nearly ended the escape took place, portrait thrown at the electronic web, and an hour to mail the author of this material came the answer: "Congratulations! This Tarantula — Licosa sp., All found in the Amur Region instances are unique because, most likely, a new species. You can send it to me? " The answer was immediate: "Personally, I like it and the gift is not necessary, you can take away, but in exchange for information."


Honest exchange took place last Monday: tarantula in a great "technical and cosmetic condition" has moved to the laboratory Bezborodova Vitali, who shared very valuable information.

As it turned out, waiting for a gift Vitaly letters with very well-known not only in Russia, but the world, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Arachnology from Magadan Yuri Marusik. Academic editing very influential American magazine «Zoo Keys», described the thousands of species of spiders from around the world about the Amur tarantula heard but not seen and would love to fill that gap. Marusik Bezborodova asked him to forward a copy of this valuable and promised that on his return from Finland, they will close.

Surprisingly, the Amur tarantulas already caught more than once, more than once sent out of the region Arachnology to them officially described. Alas, so far no one worthy to do so. And, no description — no Amur tarantula. That's really true: no paper, no insects.

It seems that now the case moved forward scientifically, and Dr. Marusik bring the case "editorial" tarantula to its logical conclusion. Whose "old tribe" will Belogorsk, as well as the Tambov spider will show a thorough study of the morphological features. Our tarantulas can be Zabaykalskie can — Harbin, and can be, and there is a large proportion of the belief that this new species, which has not yet name. If you happen to the latter, then it is possible that tarantula be named Dyachenko. In scientific practice, it is normal when a new species is assigned the name of the person to discover it. As far as our spider, then he had the great mission with your life serve as a science — Arachnology — and fill the blank spot on the fauna of the Amur region.

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