Bloggers looking for sadists, tore a dog paw

The shocking case of a homeless dog bonus that crippled unknown sadist, severing his hind legs and cut the neck causes a stir Peter. Bloggers looking fanatic and check all versions. The most likely — the dog wanted to eat, and therefore suspended by his feet and lowered blood. January 23 indifferent people will gather at the St. Petersburg group gathering against cruelty to animals and require the authorities of the laws on the protection of animals.

On the bleeding mongrel with torn hind legs stumbled upon the young skier, and ride on Saturday, 15 January, Yuntolovsky sanctuary on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

— It was awful — the dog was covered in blood, his neck was cut, and paws held on only one skin — told the girl. — He whined and crept quietly to us, leaving a red trail in the snow.

Skiers call the center for homeless animals "Poteryashka."

— If not for the girls, the dog would have died — the head of the center for homeless animals Pushenko Marina. — We have arrived, but the dog was so afraid of people that the pain, fear and terror hid in the bushes overhanging the river. Volunteers were able to get close to him only on the ice. Bleeding dog in his hands moved in a car and taken to a veterinary clinic.

Veterinarians are able to return the dog almost from another world.

— Some bad people hang the poor fellow hind paws on the wire — said Sergey Zinchuk veterinarian. — This is illustrated by the following compression and tissue death on the feet, it is very long hung. Then wrought knife — puncture wound on his back, two deep cut wounds on his neck. January 17 bonus amputated the left foot to mid-shin. And there is hope that the right leg stump restored to at least serve as a support.

Miraculously surviving dog named Bonus — after such injuries do not survive …

— It boggles the mind! — Hot Marina Pushenko. — A young, healthy dog hanged on a tree. Rather, he wanted to eat. Quite good-natured animal. What with it so?

Christina Masenkova

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