BNR Rada proposed iron curtain for the KGB and riot

BNR Rada asked the government of several countries with a proposal to ban the entry of members of the security and law enforcement agencies of Belarus and their families.

Rada Belarusian People's Republic issued a statement in which it expressed "concern about the extremely brutal even for the Lukashenka regime repressive actions against opposition activists, politicians and human rights organizations, journalists, independent media, which developed in Belarus after the so-called presidential "elections" on December 19 and are becoming a larger scale. Repression affect not only activists but also their families. "

BNR Rada appeals to the governments of the EU countries, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Turkey and Egypt, with the slogan "deny entry to the territory these countries KGB and other intelligence agencies, the Ministry of Interior, courts and prosecutors Republic of Belarus, and members of their families. BNR Rada is considering the above structure as a repressive mechanism, which is used against the activists of the democratic opposition. "

BNR Rada suggests that this "ban on the entry in force until the moment of release of the last political prisoner in Belarus and the abolition of all criminal and administrative cases against those who are persecuted for their political position."

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