Bogdanovich took the lead in beheaded UCP

Honorary chairman of the United Civil Party Stanislav Bogdanovich took over the leadership of the party.

This is said in a statement. This step Mr. Bahdankevich made of the fact that "the party is actually beheaded." Therefore, "based on the responsibility for the party to maintain its unity and the need for the immediate organization of the struggle for the liberation of our comrades repressed, temporarily, in consultation with the Political Council of the United Civil Party, take the lead," says Bogdanovich.

The statement also said that the peaceful demonstration of Belarusian citizens under the leadership of the nine opposition presidential candidates against fraud the election wasand beating, the presidential candidates and many of their supporters were arrested.

Among those arrested — chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, and a number of other activists and party members of senior management, in including Chairman of the Minsk city organization of the United Civil Party Anatoly Pavlov and his deputy, Oleg Korban.


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