Britain is coming to a powerful cyclone

Heavy rains and gale-force winds in the near future and will be the only long-term weather forecast in several counties of England and Northern Ireland. This was announced by senior forecaster Weather Service Press Association — MeteoGroup — Matt Dobson.

Torrential rains that will bring flooding, as predicted by MeteoGroup, most threatens Devon, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire, and across Northern Ireland. Increased danger zone declared all the North Sea coast from Bridlington to Barmstona, the floods will have to fight the residents of neighborhoods in the Upper River Tamar, St Austell and Pear, and all rivers of West Cornwall.

According to Dobson, by the evening of Monday's expected to be about 5 inches of rain. Most at risk are the county of Devon, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire. "In these areas, as well as in Northern Ireland and in the future develop into showers this flood," — he added.

Meteorological forecasts do not bode well and the people of Wales. Its residents are also advised of the possibility of flooding. River because of the rains here can come out of its banks and flood the main thoroughfares in the second half of the day. And the evening and the disaster will come to Northern Ireland.

According to the meteorological site of the United Kingdom, in most areas of the country will fall to 3 — 6 inches of rain, but in some areas and 10 cm is not the limit. During Tuesday's heavy rains will also affect certain areas in South Scotland, the inhabitants of which at least have time to prepare for severe weather.

Overall, this week across the UK are expected rainy weather. So tourists intending to visit the United Kingdom, should stock raincoats, umbrellas and rubber boots. Just in case — a leg to the knee.

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