Britain prepares for floods due to continuing rains

UK Met Office on Friday issued a warning about the bad weather in much of the country and heavy rains, which over the next three days are threatened by new floods, said the Meteorological Service.

"The strong and long rains are expected in the north, to the west, in many parts of the East of England and throughout Wales … The public should be prepared for flooding, river flooding, difficulties in transport networks," — said in a statement.

The National Agency for the Environment issued Friday morning already 86 warnings about the possibility of flooding, two of them — high hazard category. The most serious consequences of bad weather expected in the north-west of England and in central Midlands.

The first month of summer has already been recognized as the wettest in history. During June, 145.3 millimeters of rain fell. Previous record lasted five years: in 2007, a rainy June brought 136.2 millimeters.

The floods have affected a few weeks ago mainly south and east of England, rescuers evacuated several camps for tourist vans and had to close major highway.

In high-risk areas have begun preparing for possible flooding. Agency for the Environment asking people to swap cars on the hill and pick up valuable items at home as possible. Representative office, Pete Fox broadcast BBC BBC reported that many regional governments will provide the population with sandbags.

At the same time, the Agency checked and cleaned the street drains to minimize the risk of flooding the streets.

Today, Prince Charles is to visit areas in West Yorkshire, which are most affected by the bad weather in the past month. Charles intends to test how his charity helping businesses and private households to recover and repair the building.

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