Camouflage of nanotubes: a new word in military technology

Further protective cover from Nanotubes on the basis of carbon will allow ships and aircraft to completely neutralize the radar and be absolutely invisible to the enemy. In addition, the black-hours a day to monitor such a ship or plane would be virtually impossible.

Ultrafine coating of carbon nanotubes on the basis of making the invisible relief: Top — the relief image made with a scanning electric microscope, bottom — the same relief, photographed by ordinary light microscope (see photo).

About the unusual properties of carbon nanotubes on the basis told more than once. First, they possess an indescribable strength, electrical conductivity and unusual color. When the location in the sequence of the nanotube is obtained characteristics of the 1st of the darker coating, which is now clear: this coating is actually fully absorbs a wide range of radiation, from radio waves and ending with ultraviolet rays. These properties open up for them a very broad perspective in the development of highly sensitive optical devices and matrices.

Dr. Jay Guo, these same characteristics of nanotubes has decided to apply for the construction of cover-"invisible" in the modern example of a military technology. In order to verify their ideas in laboratory conditions, the doctor and his colleagues "raised" is not very dense forest of Nanotubes, located vertically at the surface of different three-dimensional structures. For example, in relief silhouette of the tank, which was depicted in the illustration. Such a coating of nanotubes converted relief tank in an all black and rovnenky surface, invisible against a black background. With all this the whole nanotube "black forest" dissipated and did not reflect light.

According to Jay Guo, plane, which is covered by such a Makarov is able to fully absorb radio waves from radar devices. Because they are in the best case, to build on the background of the empty, almost gaping space of the sky a kind of "black hole."

And in Texas, working in the same direction of the research team of Ray Bogmalo technology "nanokamuflyazha" has offered to cover the use of nuclear submarines. Researchers have shown that on heating the water nanotube structure of the heat from the surface of the "camouflage" can dissipate such makarom that changes the optical properties of water. In all this there is the illusion of invisibility.

One way or another, but at the moment nanotube "black forest" on the surface of a real submarine or aircraft is not likely to grow. Those technologies, which are now, require very highest pressure and temperature. Because as long as there is the opportunity to put these technologies to minor objects. And, in the end, the aerodynamic characteristics of nanotubes also have not yet been fully studied area of science.

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