Canada is considering to abandon the purchase of F-35

As the "," Defense Canada is currently considering the question of whether the acquisition of fighter jets F-35 Lightning II South American production. As reported by "Difens News", it said Deputy Defense Canada J. Fantini. As he said, the government holds the solution to buy planes, but contract hitherto not been signed.

The reason for the rejection of the treaty would probably increasing the price of F-35. The Government of Canada wants to izderzhat the purchase of sixty-five fighters F-35 less than 8.5 billion. Canadian dollars (8.6 billion. USD) and less than 7.5 billion. — To operate the aircraft during the term of their service. Prior to this, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that if the price of the F-35 will increase, the government can go to reduce the amount of the purchase of these aircraft.

Also on the decision to purchase American fighter can affect the deadlines laid by constantly developing the F-35. At the moment, it is expected that the development of F-35A Air Force will end in 2016, by 2017, will be created Deck F-35C, and in 2018 will fighter F-35B with the vertical landing and short takeoff.

In addition to Canada, the F-35 fighter plans to buy Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Australia. Last postpones the conclusion of the contract, and the British reduced the volume of purchases of the F-35. Similarly, the mean to do and the Scandinavian countries.

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