Canada is preparing to hold large-scale military exercises in the Arctic

Secretary of Defense Canada Peter MacKay announced plans to arrange their own country in August 2011 in Arctic large-scale military exercises «Nanook». As the Zman, purpose of the exercise — strengthening the military presence Canada in Arctic.

He assured that it will be the largest exercise in the history of the country, they perceive the role of more than 1000 soldiers and officers. Also, apart from the infantry, in the exercise will involve CF-18 fighter jets "Hornet" and other aircraft of the Air Force Canada and Canadian Navy ships. The exercise will accept the role and Inuit reservists ("Inuit" Eskimos call themselves) from the fifth group of Canadian patrol "Rangers".

It clarifies the channel "Vesti", the exercises will take place in several steps on Baffin Island, also in the area of Ellesmere Island — the northernmost of the islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
About who is a possible opponent Canada in these arctic exercises, has not been told. Meanwhile, recall, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said at first the intention of the Russian Federation in June to do Arctic two military brigades with a dislocation in Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.

In addition to exercise «Nanook», Ministry of Defence Canada annually holds military exercises "Nunakput" in the West Arctic and "Nunalivut" on the Late North.

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