Canada is ready to bring into space first military satellite

The readiness to conclude a space Canada's first military satellite declared Defence Minister Peter MacKay. The device, which is given the title "Sapphire"(Sapphire), to be launched in December with a task, the Ministry of Defence has indicated," track orbital objects to prevent collisions between satellites or satellites gallakticheskim garbage. "

"The information that will pass"Sapphire, "Will allow to strengthen our ability to protect the objects belonging to Canada and its allies, as our interests — said MacKay, speaking in the laboratory Canadian Space Agency in Ottawa, ITAR-TASS reported.

Our government considers this satellite as a fundamental component of the defense of Canada and North America, the efforts undertaken by the Joint Command North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD). "

The creation of "Sapphire" the Canadian government has allocated five years ago, a leading Russian aerospace company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. 66 million bucks.

Satellite 1 m in length and weighing about 150 kg is meant to bring with Indian carrier rocket at geopolyarnuyu orbit at an altitude of 800 km.

The Canadian Ministry of Defense announced the agreement reached in May with the Pentagon agreed to establish "long-term partnership aimed at tracking the situation in space."

As emphasized in a statement vserasprostranennom then, data from the "Sapphire" will come in a single database space surveillance network, which is run by the U.S. military, and that Ottawa zaneset own contribution "to build capacity to prevent and detect collisions satellites with orbital debris" .

The Pentagon, along with NASA hunts down movement in the Earth orbits above 22 thousand man-made objects larger than 10 cm, in the midst of which 1.1 thousand — operational satellites.

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