Canada left the next Russian diplomats

After fierce spy scandal in Canada has left another batch Russian diplomats. Who left the country two Russians — Sergei Zhukov, the military attache of the Russian Embassy in Ottawa, and Dmitry Gerasimov, a worker with offices in Toronto, reports The Globe and Mail.

The media in January there were reports of "expulsion" of four Russian diplomats. The Russians left Canada after four days after the arrest of Paul Jeffrey Delilah, Canadian naval officer suspected of spying for Russia. January 20, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the reports of the expulsion of diplomats from Canada does not correspond to reality, "because they have left the country due to the expiration of trips."

Relative to one another out of diplomats, the Foreign Ministry said that they left Canada at the end of the act agreements. In Canada, Zhukov spent a couple of years, and Gerasimov — "about 3 or 4 years old," recalls RIA "Announcements".

It should be noted that the media are waiting for response from Moscow steps to make in similar cases in other words, the expulsion of Moscow's military attache in Canada. But so far not reported.

Recall Delilah Canadian authorities arrested Jan. 16. He is suspected of spying for "foreign country." As stated by Robert Fyfe, head of the TV channel CTV News, citing an anonymous source, interested in spying State could be our homeland. According to him, Delilah detained during the transfer of hidden data.

40-year-old officer, he served in the County of Halifax in one of the Canadian Navy intelligence units. The charges against him, was under the Safety Act disk imaging, which in December 2001, Canada adopted after the September 11 attacks. Delilah can get indefinite detention.

Trial of Delilah will take place on February 28. The Canadian government reports of the arrest the officer did not comment. Delilah, according to CTV News, can transmit RF data on weapons systems and the important navigation information.

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