Canadian fighter jets killed the ammunition depot in Libya

Structures NATO take over command of military operations in Libya. This decision was supported by all 28 member states of the organization. One hundred percent control will pass to the alliance on Sunday or Sat. As Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the main task NATO — providing a no-fly zone over Libya.

According to preliminary estimates, the merits of this goal will be 90 days. On the other hand, the alliance did not rule out that the terms may vary depending on the situation in Libya. In general, at this moment the representatives NATO say all aircraft under the control of the Gaddafi regime and the air does not rise up, and the possibility of a ground operation as an international force and the earlier rule.

Meanwhile, a video appeared on the Web airstrike on armories in Libya. Sortie made by Canadian CF-18 fighter jets. They threw in the ammunition storage in Misrata bombs with laser guidance system. At first the video appeared on the website of the Ministry of Defence of Canada, and from there to the Web site is popular video hosting YouTube.

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