Canadian military ordered the development of a snowmobile-stealth for special operations

In fact, Canada has no borders with any overtly aggressive state. Much more so do not expect this quiet Nordic country attack from the pole. And yet, the local military allocated half a million (U.S.) dollars to create the layout of a snowmobile for special operations.

Demand for transport is not very complicated: the hybrid drive and a silent motor, the ability to drive it 15 miles at an average speed of 20 km / h Model of the military are waiting to get to the end of March next year.

And yet, why Canada took similar snowmobile — A nasty question. In recent years, country intense fussing about strengthening their own (as long as only a symbolic faster) combat power in the Arctic — and it is not one. With the melting of the polar ice caps and detection here all new sources of needed resources for the region struggle escalates. The fact that Canada is ready for to compete with the other Nordic countries (including, of course, and Russia), we carefully wrote in the article "Store of the Snow Queen."

With other side if really really melt the Arctic, and then snowmobiles here will be stupid. If Only "Arctic warfare" will not begin before that this deadline.

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