Canadian researcher withdrew in the face of Sasquatch


Well-known Canadian cryptozoologist Randy Brisson shared with his Russian colleagues sensational information. Sent by leaders of the International Centre hominology Igor Burtsev and Dmitry Bajanova photograph of the North American "Bigfoot."

According to Brisson, the shot hit the legendary sasquatch, as it is called here. If we believe the Canadian cryptozoology, the sasquatch "discovered face" — or rather stuck it out because of the huge stump in the Lake Pitt (Pitt Lake) near Vancouver. But before Randy and his son, Ray noticed the fresh snow footprints. They stretched along the forest road. The traces were left bare feet. Large — about 35 centimeters — belonged obviously an adult. A small — 8 inches — calf, which apparently was related with the senior Sasquatch. Fingers on the soles of both species were equally pathologically skewed — twisted to the side.








Details photo shoot portrait of the author are not reported. But make it clear that it is genuine. They say only that the couple decided not to pursue. Moreover, that "they threw themselves out of the brush stones in our direction." In turn Bourtsev and Bayanov speak positively about Canadian colleagues. Like, in the fraud were not observed.

For comparison, next to the imprint of "children's" feet of track shoe adult.


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