Canadian spy suspected of issuing RF mysteries Western intelligence

According to Western media, possibly compromised intelligence will be the U.S., Britain and Australia

Past military intelligence officer based Canadian Navy in Halifax Jeffrey Paul DeLisle, accused of spying, suspected that sell RF lurking Western intelligence. What specifically for intelligence have been disclosed, is not reported. Yet, according to sources in the security services Australia, their level of secrecy is quite high. Compromised, by the Western media, may prove Intelligence Australia, United States and England.

Jeffrey Paul DeLisle in the middle of January was in Canada before the tribunal on charges of hidden data transfer foreign country. The fact that it was specifically Our homeland is not officially stated. But this pointed indirect signs. After being detained Delilah Canada Tipo sent two Russian diplomats. However, the Russian Foreign Ministry denied the information on the expulsion. At the request of the Foreign Ministry, the diplomats left the country itself, in connection with the termination of travel.

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