Cap. 1 Rank Litovkin: By voting for the Communists, will help the Unified Russian Federation

It seems that for all it was clear and evident that the absence of ER opponents in the Duma, holding a sufficient number of votes for, at least some, combating thereof, negative and destructive to her own. Performances functionaries perceived EP mapping day or all day dimmer, as, in general, they do. It seems that as a result of specific selection in the absence of real threats formed political newcomer population leading role in what is not given to the most intelligent, decent, enterprising and active, and more dedicated and willing. The immortal phrase from the film: "Live so glad and do what they say to you." — More than a lot, as it is seen to reflect the established order. This reserve does not require discussion, debate and conflict positions. Then, as is clear from the classics — sack races wins is not the one who runs better, and the one who is the best runs in the bags. In real political battles they would have been destined to the same fate as that of the old Sparta DEFECTIVE lad. The undisputed victory only in a monologue in front of a mirror or mute the TV camera.

Accordingly, the quality of the falls and there is no alternative space laws. The vast majority of so called and overwhelming that under the pressure of it no matter what, though, even the most reasonable of the amendment is rejected as nonsense and lies. Worried annoying vibration: whether in this country and these laws are going to live our edinodumtsy, their kids and grandkids? If so, why is untidy to the people, the country and its laws attitude?

I, for example, a person who has devoted himself to service in the Armed Forces, it is very sad to watch, as the Duma systematically refuses to ask management to the Ministry of Defence for the state of affairs in the Armed Forces. Thwarted defense orders, exploding warehouses, falling missiles kill people, ledeneyut recruits thrive general theft and corruption, and edinoizbrannikam is not curious.

In particular, the relevant event shortly in the Duma was to consider a package of laws on foreign exchange allowances for military personnel and pensions of retirees, the advertising of which is already a few years promises to current and former warriors manna in full abundance. Bill № 556510-5 with artsy-winded title, commencing with the words "On the introduction of configurations .." hurry past the first reading, immediately became the subject of criticism throughout neprikormlennoy veteran public. Of course! After all, this act is cut by half the base for the calculation of military pensions: Entered buck "factor" — 0.54, rightly nicknamed factor castration, are limited to two-thirds of the length of service and interest is liquidated, though small grant for healing. The Parable of the very near future and the possible resolution of the Government, dramatically increases salaries by position and rank, can not serve as a basis for similar legislative quirks. This project yavna unconstitutional for at least some budding lawyer, but not for the 9 members of the EP Committee on Defence, headed by General Zavarzin. Samples of 2-Communist nominees in the committee to prevent the Sabbath on military pensions ignored by the vast majority. But the release of cutting military pensions to be ashamed of the people of judges, prosecutors and investigators RF IC gentlemen Zavarzin Savenko Puzanov, Nenashev and joined them from the Federation Council Ozerov found the opportunity and held it as an amendment requiring approval. Can I choose a different word, not counting the "discrimination"?
Second reading of the document is transferred to the fourth time. And probably with good reason.

The Committee had to enlist the endorsement of at bill of the Legal Department of the State Duma.

I, like many fellow citizens, believed that the legal expertise in key lawmakers must deal with law in the light of world rank, if not academics, what the skinny end — corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences. The end was even more slender, straight to full anemia.
"The Legal Department reports that the remarks of the legal, technical and legal *) and the linguistic-stylistic disposition on the bill is not available" — suggests a review PU DG for the second reading, signed by his boss Marina N. Swallow's (degree and academic status has not). In the middle of the artists working a couple of heads of departments PU DG (degree and academic status do not) and a few other employees, information about which even in the web portal "mates" and other social networks could not be found. They were trained here and there? I must say that in the PU DG has more than 5 "ostepenennyh" lawyers, doctors and candidates, which, as you can imagine, do not take the risk of scientific authority, linking his name in good faith with a very confusing bill.

And a couple of questions:

— How valid and respect the will itself law from the standpoint of several million military robbed the elderly and their families, if the lawyers, it is ok not even bother to confirm their qualifications, although a probation diploma, limited proficiency Vuzovsky graduate?

— Who will be punished for marriage in the State Duma, expressed in the pre-admission unauthorized act which diminishes the right of certain categories of people on the available amount of social guarantees and can not be considered suitable for the Constitution, with all its consequences?

This is just one example of legislation under the flag of EP which, but with irresistible force pushing me to the decision to vote for the Communist Party in the next elections to the State Duma, as the only party capable of become counterweight to the ruling party. It is not that all the activities of the Communist Party satisfies me, but the place for criticism, I think I'll leave for nominees from the EP. Let the work-out.

And then, suddenly, after a dozen years, maybe it will agitate for the EP than in the criteria of the discussions and sharp ideological confrontation of turns it to the population and the electorate in good faith face and a good heart.

Eck has made me … But remember: "The voice of never never."
I'm not saying ….

PS At the polling station come back later to nineteen hours and check, do not have a bird against your name. Persuade friends and relatives to accompany you.
Who knows — maybe your voice passes through the center of mass of the history of Russia.

*) Cool word, gentlemen, on legal-educated specialists

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