Captain of the ship on which a shell destroyed the sailor threatened bullpen 5 years

The military investigation finds the accident disaster that occurred day or two back on the training ship "Perekop" Baltic Fleet, where during time firings died one and injuring four sailors. From the results of the investigation will depend on the final criminal case instigated until exclusively to the ship's captain Sergei Bora.

One of the most important in the present day is the question of the reasons why the sailors were on deck during time shooting, said Itar-Tass official dealer of the Military Investigation Department of the RF IC for the Western Military District. According to one version, the sailors went to the stern to take pictures for dembelsky album (one of them had to serve a couple of months). This information was confirmed by a source RIA "Announcements" in the Leningrad Naval Base.

Wounded by shrapnel projectile four sailors who died on the 5th. Life News gives their names: Nicholas Sapunoff, 1990 year of birth, Puyshis Andrew, 1993 year of birth, Alexei Davydov, 1989 year of birth, Golyakov Andrew, born in 1985. Victim 20-year-old Nikita Mitrofanov, held military service, according to the website, got a splinter in his head.

Mitrofanov was designed exclusively in April of this year from the Volkhov, Leningrad Region. Two of the four injured sailors 23 and 27 years, served under the contract, and the rest — conscripts from Kaliningrad one of which are just waiting for demobilization.

Source RIA "Announcements" in the Leningrad naval base said that, coming on deck, the ship's sailors broke fatigued. "Gathered do for yourself for dembelsky photo album and went on deck, violating the charter of a ship. If they kept being tired, the disaster would not have happened," — said the official.

According to another version, the soldiers just did not fit to lie down in the shelter, says ""

Meanwhile, it is possible that the responsibility for the accident will be assigned specifically to the captain. The investigation has to establish why he is in violation of safety gave the command to open fire, when there were people on the deck.

Earlier it was reported that in respect of the captain of the second rank of captain Sergei Bohr had opened a criminal case under article 349 of the Criminal Code — "Faulty appeal with the gun, and objects of an inflated danger to others", suggesting up to 10 years in prison (for the death of only 1st Sailor Bora threatens only 5 years imprisonment).

The missile deviated from the target

According to an informed source, ITAR-TASS news agency, it does not go on granting formal charges against the captain of the ship: "The investigation specifically wants to test and examine the actions of the crew, so to find those responsible."

Meanwhile, these may not be either, on the contrary, the number of guilty may over time Age. The fact is that, according to "Fontanka" shell fired at time target shooting, deviated from the target and was not in a plaster cast mines, and in the ship's superstructure, close to where the men were. Now the investigation has to establish the preconditions contingency. It is possible that in the end as the accused may appear and other officials.

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