Captains at different sails

By the figurative statement Vladimir Putin many had to get used to, but every time it makes an apt definition of the public a lot of feelings. For some, these emotions are looked positive, but others immediately begins anti-Putin hysteria.

At this time the Russian president compared the control of the EU countries with the captains who sail under different sails. Such a comparison of Vladimir Fishing season came to light when he was talking about the current economic situation in Europe. According to him, one in the same EU stroll on luxury yachts and other floating on the waves on the boat. At the same time, and some, and others believe that they are in a similar criteria. Someone listened to the President Fishing season at the forum "Russia Calling" with great enthusiasm, someone in the audience, kept one eye to look at the podium, behind which stood Putin and the other to control their own Twitter or else Fruit Ninja on android. Tablets and iPhones in the room was enough. Many of those present in the hall ahead of journalists managed to scatter tweet that said Vladimir Putin about the situation in the European economy.

It is worth recalling that aptly Putin has long become a catch phrase and entered into the people. The expression "Soak in the outhouse" was at one time a real brand which attracted to the Russian people and served as a target for ridicule from the West. But Vladimir Putin has decided to "Soak" and do not stop at one point, talking about how the West is trying to teach all over Russia, said: "let learn from his wife to cook soup." Up to this time, this expression is replicated by Putin though what comfortable about it. To transfer it at the time had to find a western spice difference in terms of "soup", "soup" and "soup". Even pronounce it word it was not easy for the average Westerner, which Russian familiar with obviously weak.

When Putin at one point asked about willingness to confirm his words, he said: "You want me to eat a pot of earth?" This reply caused laughter in the hall, and the phrase again went to the people.

A landmark phrase "like a galley slave" was the occasion for a creative online community to hang on Vladimir Putin typical cliché that the average person is not always clear.

And this time, Putin has decided to distinguish apt expression that comes out diplomatically dry comments and speeches.

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