Carbine Boar-12 will be adopted for the 17 NATO countries

Self-loading smooth carbine "Hog-12" developed design team of the plant "Hammer", a part of the corporation "Russian Technologies", will be adopted by armament NATO countries. Carbines will be delivered to the armed forces and other law enforcement agencies of 17 states of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Acting General Director of "Hammer" Alexander Spirin, "This project enables the group of companies" Hammer "significantly increase the volume of their own supplies to the European market and special offers output of" Hammer "in the" big leagues "of the global arms business."

First, this year's partner "Hammer" — the company «Schmeisser GmbH», which distributes products factory in Europe — started specific work with the Agency NATO Maintenance and Supply (NAMSA). In September, the Agency hosted a presentation rifle in which the Bundeswehr officers used the "Wild Boar-12" as a tool to support the assault of fortified buildings. After that was received unequivocal endorsement for inclusion in the list of carbine weapons used NATO.

At the moment, completed work on improving the rifle according to European standards. In design and technology activities, except Vyatskopolyansky gunsmiths, engineers participated «Schmeisser GmbH». Created about 5 variations of 'Boar-12 ", which after passing through the necessary formalities will be put on armament NATO.

"Hog-12" created on the basis of the Kalashnikov machine gun in 2003. Produced under caliber cartridge 12h76 and has the highest level of reliability and dependability while working in different operating criteria. Now carbine exported to many countries around the world. With the Waffen Schumacher gun exported to Germany, Italy and France.

"The Hammer" has continued to develop new models of guns. Together with the Italian company Marocci recently will be organized by the issue of new smoothbore shotguns under the joint brand name. A project co-production with the Waffen Schumacher rifle "Vepr-15."

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