Carl Gustav adopted for the U.S. Army

After a 2-decades of resisting the request comes from the troops on the admission by the Swedish 84-mm recoilless guns portable Carl Gustav Army U.S. still ordered about 100 starters Carl Gustav. Army revised their eyes after watching the introduction of the U.S. Special Forces weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last decade. This tool has been around for over 60 years and is used in a framework of 10 states. It is a common, but very effective.

Charles Gustav was taken to the armament SOCOM Special Forces in 1990. Charles Gustav is a light 8.5 pound recoilless gun in a longish 1.1 meters. Rifled barrel is able to withstand about 100 shots. The firing range of up to 500-700 meters (depending on the type of ammunition). Shots Fired cartridge loading gauge 84 mm weighs about 2 pounds and come in several different types (armor-piercing, high-explosive, shaped-charge fragmentation, lighting and smoke). Piercing shot very useful in the conduct of military operations in urban areas, and against bunkers.

The Army previously adopted a one-time granotomet Carl Gustav (AT4), but rather special forces Carl Gustav recoilless rifle. It turned out better because you can get more shots with the least weight (AT4 weighs around 6.8 kg). It was easier to carry one Carl Gustav weight of 8.5 pounds and a bunch of rockets at 2.2 kilograms each, than the same number of single granotometov.

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