Caspian Flotilla delayed got a new ship invisibility

New small gunship (IAC) Project 21630 "Desperado" — "Makhachkala" is included in the ship's structure Caspian flotilla, told reporters representative Southern Military Area (SOUTH).

Earlier official representative SOUTH Colonel Igor Gorbul said that taking MAK "Makhachkala"Which the media dubbed the ship-" invisible "because of its technology as a" stealth ", planned for November 2012.

"MAC"Makhachkala"Included structure Caspian Flotilla, "- said the representative of the Southern Military District in the Mon reason for the delay was not specified.

According to the representative of the neighborhood, until they arrive at the constant based on the Caspian Sea from the Baltic Sea, the crew under the command of the ship fulfills specific tasks on a daily service organization on the ship, the ship's holds exercises on making the ship for battle and campaign.

"After graduation will be held on the second step of the preparation, by sail with the teachings of the air defense ship, performance of artillery and rocket firings by air, sea and coastal targets. Crew also will increase the ability to manage the ship in the process of working with a single marine parts and joint maneuvers in a group of ships ", — said the officer.

He recalled that the MAC "Makhachkala" is the third ship of "Desperado" and on the tactical and technical features specially designed for the Caspian Sea basin.

The main armament of a powerful artillery bow 100mm unit A-190, two 30-mm six-barreled AK-306 and aft 40-barrel 122 — millimeter multiple rocket launcher "Grad-M".

Ship able to inflict massive fire strikes on enemy ships and shore fortifications to clear the beachhead by landing marines. Construction view of the ship complies with the lower radar signature, so called "stealth technology" (inclined planar surface superstructure, the presence of the bulwarks, hidden in the planes of the superstructure and deck, doors and hatches, no windows).

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