Caspian Flotilla supplemented with 2 promising warships

Recently, the state of the Caspian Flotilla ship missile (RK) "Dagestan"And small artillery ship (IAC)" Volgodonsk "which is already headed into the Caspian Sea. This is now said to ITAR-TASS, the press service of the Southern Military Area (SOUTH).

MAK "Volgodonsk"Out now from St. Petersburg, and the Republic of Kazakhstan" Dagestan "already makes a transition from the Dark in Caspian Sea, specified in the environment. The ships have to pass on the sea and river routes than 2 thousand nautical miles. "The arrival of ships Caspian Sea is expected in the second half of July "- added to the SOUTH.

According to the press service, on arrival in the Caspian flotilla crew "Dagestan" to go through the third step of municipal testing. "Vologodonsk" state tests already graduated and was admitted to the Russian Navy at the end of 2011

Missile ship "Dagestan"Project 11661 was built on Zelenodol'sk plant them. Sourness. This is the first ship Russian Navy, armed with a versatile missile system 'Caliber-NK ", able to use several types of high-precision missiles at surface as well as on shore targets at ranges of up to 300 km.

The main advantages of small artillery ship "Volgodonsk"Project 21630 (code" Desperado ") are its small draft and outstanding maneuverability, this he is able to solve a wide range of problems in the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea, at the mouth of the river and, as in other" narrow "water areas.
Both ships are built using "stealth" technology.

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