Caspian rocket men began to explore the Republic of Kazakhstan Bal-E

As the website said the Defense Ministry, and Dagestan range Adanac military coastal missile division of the Caspian flotilla began practicing martial deployment of mobile missile complex "Bal-E".

Classes on the special, tactical, fire and technical training and driving with a rocket troops conducted within the camp gathering duration of 1 month. The focus is on working out the issues for the preparation and firing missiles to deploy a battalion of the march, when frisky changing firing positions in the mountain woodlands, the criteria for severe weather and at any time of the day.

In the process of joint activities with the battalions of Marines will be tested techniques antilanding coastal defense, military defeats ship groupings and the imaginary enemy assault by sea crossings.

This collection — One of the steps to prepare troops for the coming-missile in 2012 rocket launches on simulations of surface targets.

When conducting field training in the collection will be competition for the best spices and the best estimate, the platoon, battery.

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