Cassini photographed the new geysers on Enceladus


The spacecraft "Cassini" found a large number of new geysers on Enceladus. This was reported on the official site.

According to scientists, in the neighborhood of "tiger stripes" on the south pole of the Saturnian satellites they managed to register 30 geysers, of which 20 were previously unknown. The researchers also found that some previously seen geysers gradually decrease, indicating that the temporary nature of most of these entities.

Besides scientists were able to conduct a more accurate measurement of the temperature in the vicinity of "tiger stripes" — it was about 200 degrees Kelvin, which is about 20 degrees higher than the previous results. For comparison, the average temperature of the remaining surface of Enceladus is 50 degrees Kelvin.
All the above discoveries have been made thanks to the data collected during the rapprochement "Cassini" from Enceladus November 21, 2009. Then the machine was at an altitude of about 1600 kilometers above the moon's surface near the south pole. New photos are the latest pictures of the south pole at "day" light, since the next 15 years, the southern hemisphere to hold in the dark.
Apparatus "Cassini" was launched in 1997. The orbits of the gas giant it reached in 2004, and most recently, the probe's mission was extended to 2017. In total, "Cassini" will make 155 revolutions around Saturn.

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