Word of catering we emerged relatively recently, although in Europe and the United States it has long been popular. Catering is manufacturing and delivery of food, decoration, table setting, service, and other similar services. There are different types of catering, they differ in the method and location of services, and their cost: nutrition transport, event catering, corporate or social power.

Off-site catering service, there is several types. For example you can bring catering service. In most restaurants, there are some types of catering as covering property buffets, organizing receptions, cocktail parties, barbecues and picnics, delivery inclusive dinners and banquets. This helps to attract new customers and expand the boundaries of their own business.

The market catering industry was founded in the United States around the early 20 th century. There, he got a very good reputation. At this time, intensive residential homes were built skyscrapers, and for the organization of public power and the power of the workers was invented by food delivery. Thought Catering got very frisky prevalence of recognition, both in the U.S. and in Europe, to ensure food frisky employees of large companies, companies, business centers.

In the Russian Federation catering slowly began to get up on his feet only in the early 90's. years. The first city who began his practice was, of course, Moscow, and later took the example of St. Petersburg. In 2000 the catering industry has developed in almost all the towns not only of the Russian Federation, and Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries. Now Russian market catering there are about 80 companies involved in these services. According to expert estimates, the volume of the market for services in 2009 was about 440 million dollars, and it's an 18 percent increase compared with the statistics of 2008. Every year keyteringstvo is developing more and more, the simplifying us prepyadstviya and life.

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