Center of Bangkok may be at a depth of two meters

Thailand's capital was in a ring of water. So say the residents themselves Bangkok and prepare for evacuation. Dam can not withstand, the center metropolis at risk of flooding — Rescuers say that the level may have the weekend to reach two meters.

Bangkok threatened disaster — this is said in Thailand at the highest level. PM says sound like a flood is imminent. "Rather, barriers and dams that protect Bangkok, will not withstand water pressure. Chances are good that will be flooded downtown. We are doing everything possible to reduce the water level," — said Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

Under the threat of flooding was the international airport. The water crept up to him. Sandbags it has almost no bite. This means that soon will not only cancel hundreds of flights, but once again evacuate those left homeless — four thousand people for several days living in the terminal, and there is also the operational headquarters of rescuers.

"We were told that we were being evacuated from here that we can not stay here. I have no money, we are afraid that we will be without food and water, even here, now all this is not enough," — says a resident Malee Nikhomat.

To the center of Bangkok's water has not reached yet, but here on the outskirts of the situation is critical. On the eve of saving rare animals from the city zoo — it is just a disaster zone. But here's how to save the nine million inhabitants of the giant metropolis, if a catastrophe, after all, take place until there is no exact answer for anybody.

With the floods in Thailand are struggling with July. Livni does not stop, the water captures new areas, so the fight is often useless. For four months hundreds died. Many missing. But until now, reports of disaster came only in remote areas of the country — and now, it seems, on the order of capital.

Georgy Lebedev

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