Character can determine blood group


In Japan, when applying for a job without fail interested blood group. Modern scholars claim that the blood can tell a lot about a person's character.

People who have a first group of blood differ curiosity and desire for perfection. The presence of the second group says a cheerful but eccentric and selfish character.

People with blood group, curious, generous but stubborn. In people with the fourth group is the artistic taste, but they are mysterious and unpredictable. All these facts sound like a horoscope predictions, but, nevertheless, many people use them in everyday life, when applying for a job, choosing a husband or at the conclusion of significant contracts, writes

Some scientists believe that blood has nothing to do with the nature of man, and the separation of people on such a principle similar ideas of racism or Nazism. You can use this theory, if you want to develop the talents of undiscovered and features, offer scientists, but so far, this theory has not found scientific evidence has not been refuted.

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