Children will take with housing

The bill to remove children from families without any court accepted in Godume.

The loud cries of the law on insulting religious feelings in the Duma gradually take the law № 42197-6 on social patronage that would allow the state to take away children from any parent (for example, under the pretext of poor emotional climate in the family that is expressed in the wrong baby pictures that will decode a special psychologist) .

And the children will take with housing, as specifically stated in the law (legal support for the child's home). Then double profit for the officials. First, 60,000 rubles a month that the state allocates for orphan (so now 80% of orphans in Russia have living parents). Secondly — the empty apartment that can deliver the same guest workers, if not overcome their inexperience graduate orphanage (A year after the release of the children's home in 70% of them live in apartments are completely different people.)

Not to mention the fact that the threat of weaning a child will force parents to give huge bribes to officials.

That is why this bill is taken secretly, under the cover of the law on insulting believers.

First law allows officials to inspect for violations of the conditions of any family. And if the officer finds that the

"Create their actions (or inaction) of the conditions militate against the education and development, and (or) a negative effect on his behavior, and there are no reasonable grounds for the restriction or deprivation of the parents (one of them) of parental rights."

Normality, if that determines the official. That will have a substantive discussion about the limitation of the rights of parents. And here come the words "only with the consent of the parents." whereas in the text of the bill says that if parents do not agree on a decision taken by the court of social patronage. … If it were only a voluntary consent of the parents, and then the bill would not be needed. And he needed it then that in the hands of the officials appeared club.

Note that when the advocates of the bill lists the organizations that work with parents on social patronage, all state agencies are working with the authorities on the withdrawn children (eg social shelters for children). Not surprisingly, the law does not provide for the allocation of money to families. Money is allocated only to the formation of the army officers whose welfare and existence will be closely linked to the number of children withdrawn. Not allocated to the family nothing.

And the term is over and official patronage "not seen" positive change. Under the new law in the event of the failure of social patronage guardianship not only bear no responsibility — they must remove the child from the family. And there is no court to which the parent can not speak. Would be a simple withdrawal. And then come and lawyers for the child's right to housing will help you to exchange the apartment.

Vadim Bulatov

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