China 70: Land of Blue Ant

Those who have been in recent years in large cities, could not help but marvel at the scale and pace of economic growth, clearly expressed in the growing like mushrooms after a rain everywhere skyscrapers, wide highways filled with cars of local production (albeit on a foreign license). Beijing back in 1995 was a city of bicycles, but in 2004 they were already there alone were lost in the dense avtopotoke. In Shanghai, the streets are large and quite rebuked. About all the abundance in the stores I will not even read.
Now we are already hard to imagine that was a China in the 1970s, after the so-called. "Cultural Revolution" and to the reforms of Deng Xiaoping. I propose to make a small trip to the "Land of the blue ants", as it was then called Western journalists.

1. On the main street of Beijing, 1972

2. Normal Pekingese traff 70th.

3. Beijing is preparing to meet Nixon 1972 g

4. Noble guard to mark the arrival of South American president, 1972.

5. Beijingers, 1972 g

6. The town was able to because stoked with wood

7. The main symbol of the town, 1972

8. Subsistence farming in 5 minutes. walk from Tiananmen Square, 1972.

9. Conventional an old neighborhoods in Beijing — "Hutong" is now saved in the center of town for stories

10. PLA 1972


12. According buggies of all time I'll do a separate post. This is — Pekingese version 1972

13. Standard Chinese fashion began 70th

14. Look to the future, 1972.

15. Nixon showed China's State Theatre

16. From the beginning of the same opera 70th

17. The Beijing street from the window of the hotel, 1978

18. In 2004, in Beijing, I have not found the trams, but in the 70s they were walking.

In my youth I read a dozen books on the history of China and to this day I can not understand how the criteria of complete chaos "Cultural Revolution", when the seats were fought with tanks and artillery, these people managed to create a nuclear weapon, dig Beijing subway … Mysterious people!

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